Minos was a planet in the Lorenze Cluster. It was formerly inhabited by the Minosians, until the entire population was wiped out by the Echo Papa 607.

Minos was a heavily forested planet that could support most lifeforms. After the disappearance of the Minosians, only plant and animal life remained.

The planet was visited by the USS Drake, and later the USS Enterprise-D, in 2364. The Echo Papa 607, a sophisticated weapon system developed by the Minosians, was still active on the planet and had killed the crew of the Drake. It nearly killed the crew of the Enterprise as well, but was turned off when Jean-Luc Picard tricked it into believing he wanted to buy it. (TNG: "The Arsenal of Freedom")

The planet model for Minos was first used to represent the planet Angel I in "Angel One" and would later be used to represent Theta VIII in "The Royale" and Legara IV in "Sarek".

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