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The Ministers' Court was an organization of the Bajoran Provisional Government. Ministers from the government would gather to make determinations about various issues. One part of its jurisdiction involved giving amnesty to suspected criminals.

The Court intended to convene a hearing in 2369 regarding an amnesty request for former members of the Kohn-Ma terrorist organization, which included Tahna Los. Major Kira Nerys brought the issue to the Ministers' Court, and gained the immediate support of two of its members for the request. She also believed a third member would be persuaded by the other two, which would have been sufficient to grant the request and rendered the hearing a mere formality.

In reality, they were not former members, and sought to destroy the entrance to the Bajoran wormhole. Their intention was to use the request as a means to gain access to a runabout for use in their plan. Their plans, however, were foiled by Kira. Tahna and the other members were taken into custody. (DS9: "Past Prologue")

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