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Template:Disambiguate A mine is a weapon deployed in a particular area to prevent enemy travel. Usually small, unmanned devices, mines can be deployed in space to be used against starships, or on land to be used against enemy ground forces. They generally explode on contact or when their proximity sensors detect an enemy nearby. The deployment of mines is generally considered an act of war.

A mine does not necessarily have to inflict damage on a vessel when they come into contact, different types of mines have been known to merely disable vessels, such as those used by the Hekarans Serova and Rabal in the Hekaras Corridor. These mines were designed to emit verteron pulses to simply disable subspace systems on passing starships. (TNG: "Force of Nature")

Minefield Damage

Damage caused by a Romulan Mine

In 2152, the Enterprise NX-01 encountered a field of cloaked tricobalt mines, utilizing boridium power cells, surrounding a planet that the Romulan Empire had annexed. One of the mines caused significant damage to Enterprise's port fore quarter. Another mine lodged itself on Enterprise's hull, dangerously close to the starboard impulse reactor, leading Lieutenant Reed to exit Enterprise and attempt to disarm the mine. (ENT: "Minefield", "Babel One")

IKS Drovana (aft)

Damage caused by a Klingon mine

In 2372, the Klingon Empire secretly deployed cloaked mines around the Bajoran star system to prevent the Federation from sending reinforcements to the sector, as a precursor to a Klingon invasion. However, their activities were exposed when an accidental mine detonation caused severe damage to the IKS Drovana. Lieutenant Commander Worf and Kurn were able to infiltrate the Drovana and obtain the mines' detonation codes. Subsequently, Major Kira Nerys aboard the USS Defiant detonated the minefield. (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

Another instance when mines were used was in 2373 when Starfleet mined the enterance to the Bajoran wormhole to prevent Dominion reiforcements from being provided to the Cardassian Union. The mines were small, only about a meter across, and were equipped with cloaking devices. The mines were also self-replicating and desined to cluster detonate in order to destroy larger Dominion ships. The USS Defiant was dispatched to carry out this task. When ordered by the Dominion to remove the minefield the United Federation of Planets flatly refused sparking the dispute which lead to the Dominion War (2373-2375). (DS9: "Call to Arms")

In some instances, smaller mines are used, such as anti-personnel mines which the Dominion deployed around a communications array at AR-558. (DS9: "The Siege of AR-558")

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