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Geordi brainwashing

Geordi La Forge being brainwashed

Mind control is any method of influencing the actions of another sentient being. It can range from absolute control, where the subject has no will of his or her own, to more subtle forms, such as suggestion. Some forms of mind control leave the victim aware that he behaved against his will, while others leave him believing that his actions were his own. Mind control can be performed psionically or mechanically. Some Federation species, notably Vulcans, are able to perform very limited forms of mind control, more akin to strong suggestions. Mechanical mind control is beyond the generally available technology of the 24th century (but see neural neutralizer for an example of a 23rd century approach).

Mind control is sometimes referred to as brainwashing, a term called inaccurate by Data in 2367. (TNG: "The Mind's Eye")


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