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Minara II

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Minara II
Minara II.jpg

Minara II from orbit

Type: Planet
Status: Destroyed
Location: Minarian star system
Minara II surface.jpg

The surface of Minara II

Minara II was the uninhabited second planet of the Minarian planetary system. This planet was destroyed when its primary went supernova in 2268.

Six months before the star supernovaed, the Federation had set up a research station on this planet to make close-up studies of the star. When the star reached its critical point, the USS Enterprise arrived to pick up the team.

They found the team was missing, and were soon abducted by a race known as the Vians. They found that the team had been killed by the Vians in an attempt to find out if a race of mutes were worthy of survival. (TOS: "The Empath")

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