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A military is a group organized for conflict, making use of military technology in the name of a government. Militaries are frequently divided into separate services or branches with differing operational expertise. Military personnel are usually organized hierarchically, with rank often indicated by distinct uniforms and insignia.

The Kressari are notable for not possessing a military. (DS9: "The Circle")


Military Government Member
Andorian Imperial Guard Andorian Empire General Thy'lek Shran
Angosian military Angosian Senate Subhadar Roga Danar
Antaran military Antaran government  
Bajoran Militia Bajoran Provisional Government General Krim
Benthan Guard Benthos Commander Avek
Breen military Breen Confederacy Thot Gor
Cardassian military Cardassian Union Legate Tekeny Ghemor
Confederate Army Confederate States of America General Robert E. Lee
Denobulan Infantry Denobula Phlox
Dominion military Founders' homeworld Weyoun
Eminian military Eminian Union Sar 6
Enolian Guard Keto-Enol  
Federation Naval Patrol United Federation of Planets  
Federation Starfleet United Federation of Planets Fleet Admiral Harry Morrow
Ferengi military Ferengi Alliance DaiMon Bok
French military France Napoleon Bonaparte
Klingon Defense Force Klingon Empire General Martok
Klingon Imperial Fleet Klingon Empire Commander Kuri
Krowtonan Guard    
Kzinti military Kzin Chuft Captain
Luftwaffe Germany Marshal Hermann Göring
Menthar military Menthar government  
Military Assault Command Operations Terran Empire Major Malcolm Reed
Military Assault Command Operations United Earth General Casey
Persian Army Persia  
Promellian military Promellian government Captain Galek Sar
Roman military Roman Empire  
Romulan military Romulan Star Empire Admiral Alidar Jarok
Royal Air Force Great Britain  
Royal Navy Great Britain Admiral Horatio Nelson
Son'a military Son'a Ahdar Ru'afo
SS Germany Lieutenant Colonel Vosk
SS Ekos  
Starfleet United Earth Vice Admiral Maxwell Forrest
Starfleet Terran Empire Fleet Admiral Gardner
Suliban Cabal none Commander Raan
Takret Militia Takret Lieutenant Paltani
Talaxian Defense Forces Talaxian government Commander Paxim
Tandaran military Tandar Prime Colonel Grat
Tholian military Tholian Assembly Commander Loskene
United States Air Force United States of America Colonel Stephen Richey
United States Army United States of America General Ulysses S. Grant
United States Marine Corps United States of America  
United States Navy United States of America Commander Rogerson
Vendikan military Vendikar  
Vori Defense Contingent Vori government Defender Brone
Vulcan military Vulcan High Command Captain Tellus
Xantoran military Xantoras  
Xindi military Xindi Council Commander Dolim

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