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Mike Johnson is a comic book author, and a former employee of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Before being tapped to write the Star Trek preview comic Star Trek: Countdown for IDW Publishing with fellow Orci/Kurtzman employee Tim Jones, his comic resume was limited to work for DC Comics on their Titans and Superman/Batman comics and a story in their 2008 Halloween special. Johnson and Jones subsequently wrote Star Trek: Nero and the Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation. Continuing this trend, Johnson wrote comic book tie-ins to Fringe and Transformers: Prime, as well as episodes of the latter.

In 2011, Johnson went into writing comics full time, writing Supergirl for DC. He writes Star Trek: Ongoing for IDW, tying into the films set in the alternate reality, as well:

Johnson personally considers the current films not set in a split timeline, but in a very similar reality, which allows him to ignore elements of canon that should hold true for both realities. [4]

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