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Mika was a Bajoran member of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths. She and her husband Benyan lived on Empok Nor in 2375 as followers of Dukat.

While on Empok Nor, she gave birth to a half-Cardassian child. Dukat proclaimed that the child was transformed by the Pah-wraiths into a symbol of his covenant with his followers. In fact, Dukat had an affair with Mika that resulted in the pregnancy. Benyan wanted to believe the child's Cardassian features were a miracle, but he was skeptical.

When Mika told Dukat that she would not lie to her husband if he asked about the child's true parentage, Dukat attempted to kill her by pushing her into an airlock and depressurizing it. Kira Nerys and Fala arrived in time to re-pressurize the airlock and saved her life.

After the cult's dissolution, she, Benyan and their child left with Colonel Kira on the USS Defiant. (DS9: "Covenant")

Mika was played by actress Maureen Flannigan.
Mika and her child (β) appear in Pocket Books' post-finale Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fiction in the novel Mission Gamma: Cathedral.

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