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The region of the Pacific containing the island of Midway

Midway Island was a small atoll that was located in Earth's Pacific Ocean, specifically that region known as the Tropic of Cancer. It was near the American state of Hawaii, the atoll of Wake Island, and was located "midway" between the east coast of North America and the islands of Japan, in Asia.

In 2254, when the Talosians downloaded a map of the Pacific region from the library computer of the USS Enterprise, the island of Midway was one of the areas which was displayed. (TOS: "The Cage")

Background information Edit

Midway Island was not mentioned by name but can be seen fairly clearly on the map downloaded from the Enterprise computer in "The Cage". On the map, Midway Island appears as "Midway Is. U.S."

The Battle of Midway took place near to Midway Island, and was won by the American Navy. It was considered a major turning point in World War II which ultimately led to the defeat of Japan in 1945. The USS Enterprise was among the aircraft carriers present at the battle, along with the USS Hornet and the Japanese carrier Akagi (which was actually sunk by aircraft from the Enterprise). In TNG: "Redemption II", the USS Hornet and USS Akagi were both part of the fleet which formed the tachyon detection grid; Ronald D. Moore intended this as a symbolic gesture of Humanity's willing unification that two starships whose namesakes had fought one another would now serve side-by-side. (Star Trek Encyclopedia, 3rd ed., p. 4)

In the alternate reality-set Star Trek: Starfleet Academy novel The Gemini Agent, James T. Kirk and Judy Renfield (β), the commandant of midshipmen's adjutant, have a mutual interest in the Battle of Midway. Kirk attempts to get out of trouble by sharing a "new, very obscure primary source on Admiral Yamamoto's dispersal strategy at Midway." Renfield accepts the Library of Congress number he gives her for the source without promising to do anything about the trouble he's in.

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