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A microprobe was a type of small probe carried aboard Federation starships that was used in cases where conventional probes were too large to be effective.

While inside a nucleogenic cloud being in 2371, USS Voyager used a class-4 microprobe to draw the multi-polar charges from the creature while it "sutured" the wound with nucleonic beams. (VOY: "The Cloud")

Later that year, Voyager launched a microprobe into a micro-wormhole to trace its subspace bearing, but the probe became lodged in a gravitational eddy inside. Harry Kim subsequently modified the communication system so the probe could act as a subspace relay station, allowing Voyager to make contact with the Talvath on the other side. The probe was eventually crushed by the wormhole's collapse. (VOY: "Eye of the Needle")

In omitted dialogue from the final draft script of ENT: "The Aenar", Commander Charles Tucker III asked Commander T'Pol to hand him a microprobe, while they were working on assembling a telepresence unit, and T'Pol proceeded to do so.
According to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, some of the microprobes might also be called subminiature class 1-S sensor probes.

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