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You may be looking for the holographic character, Michael Sullivan.

Michael Sullivan (born 20 May 1945; age 72) is a photographer, cinematographer, actor, property constructor, animator, model maker, and all-around nice guy from Jacksonville, Florida. He was part of the model unit, employed at Associates and Ferren, for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, where he was responsible for the design and the lighting of the photography of the models, among others elaborate detonation sequences of the Pioneer 10, that were eventually not used.

In addition to his work on Star Trek, Sullivan was cinematographer and still photographer on the 1970 short film Item 72-D: The Adventures of Spa and Fon. He also acted in this project opposite Ricardo Montalban's Fantasy Island co-star, Hervé Villechaize. Sullivan has appeared in several other films – most notably the bizarre 1972 comedy Greaser's Palace, in which Sullivan played the son of Albert Henderson's character, Seaweedhead Greaser.

Sullivan later became cinematographer on the hit 1980s animated series Transformers. He also created graphics and animation for the cult 1986 horror/musical film Little Shop of Horrors. More recently, Sullivan directed the photography for the 1992 film Me, Myself and I, constructed puppets for the 1996 film Joe's Apartment, and built models for the popular children's show Bear in the Big Blue House.

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