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Chokuzan commander the Chokuzan commander

Michael Kagan (also known as Michael Kagen) is an actor who played the Chokuzan commander in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Q2" in 2001.

Beside several stage plays he has appeared in films such as The Cherokee Kid (1996, with Charles H. Hyman, James Lashly, Bob Minor, Christopher Liam Moore, and Spice Williams-Crosby), Looking for Lola (1998), The Chaos Factor (2000, with Gary Wayton and Anita Hart), Totally Blonde (2001, with Matt Winston and Ivy Bethune), Con Express (2002, with Joel West and J. Patrick McCormack), Mobsters and Mormons (2005), and Snappers (2007, with Jonathan Simpson and Christopher Darga).

Kagan has also appeared in television series such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1995, with Teri Hatcher, K Callan, and Joel Brooks), Babylon 5 (1996, with Andreas Katsulas), Suddenly Susan (1996-1997, with Marci Brickhouse and Brian McNamara), Seinfeld (1998, with Jason Alexander and Rif Hutton), ER (1998, with Ed Lauter, Christine Healy, Diane Salinger, and Lily Mariye), Ally McBeal (1999), Friends (2000, with Cynthia Graham), The Practice (1998-2001), Jack & Jill (2001, with Stephen Macht, Clayton Rohner, and Patrizia Milano), The West Wing (2004, with Timothy Davis-Reed, Albie Selznick, Steven Culp, Tim Lounibos, Natalija Nogulich, Terry O'Quinn, and Marcelo Tubert), Alias (2005, with Boris Lee Krutonog and created by J.J. Abrams), and Pepper Dennis (2006, with Mike Baldridge).

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