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Merry Men

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Merry Men

Robin Hood and his Merry Men

"Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man!"
- Worf

The Merry Men were a company of robbers under the leadership of Robin Hood in Human mythology. The Merry Men resided in Sherwood Forest in England during Earth's Medieval era. According to legend, the Merry Men were famous for robbing the rich to feed the poor and often fought overwhelming odds in their fight for social justice. Among the troops' various adventures, the most famous is the rescue of Maid Marian from Nottingham Castle.

In 2367, the entity known as Q transported the senior officers of the USS Enterprise-D into a recreation of Sherwood Forest and the story of Robin Hood in an attempt to teach Captain Picard a lesson about love. During the reenactment, each of the officers played the part of one of the Merry Men. Q assumed the role of Robin Hood's archenemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham. (TNG: "Qpid")

The Merry Men

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