Merruk was a Yaderan male created by Rurigan, a Yaderan who left his homeworld after the Dominion captured his world and changed the planet's society. The village created by Rurigan on Yadera II in 2340 was a recreation of all that he had lost.

In 2370, malfunctions in the hologenerator caused some of the village "inhabitants" to disappear, including Merruk's wife. At a town meeting Merruk and the rest of the village was informed that they were holograms, and that because of the malfunctions, they would cease to exist, unless the hologenerator was repaired. At first Merruk did not believe this, and told Protector Colyus that he should be looking for his wife. Colyus pointed out that when they went to the edge of the field, Merruk's hand disappeared as he tried to cross the boundary. After Dax and Odo repaired the hologenerator, Merruk and the rest of the village was restored. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

Merruk was played by Martin Cassidy.

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