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Mercy Hospital personnel

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The following personnel were employed or patients at Mercy Hospital in 1986. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Named personnel

Unnamed personnel


Played by Joseph Adamson.

Doctor #1

File:Elderly Patient-Doctor 1-Doctor 2.jpg
Played by David Ellenstein.

Doctor #2

Played by Judy Levitt.

Elderly Patient

This patient had been in for kidney dialysis treatment, however she was visited as she was in hospital by a time traveling Leonard McCoy, who gave her a pill that caused her to grow a new kidney, to her delight and the bafflement of the hospital staff.

Played by Eve Smith.

Intern #1

File:Mercy intern 1, Tom Mustin.jpg
Played by Tom Mustin.

Intern #2

File:Mercy intern 2, Greg Karas.jpg
Played by Greg Karas.

Young Doctor

File:Mercy doctor, Raymond Singer.jpg
Played by Raymond Singer.

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