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Menk is the language used by the Menk, one of the two species on Valakis.

Hoshi Sato was able to learn Menk without much trouble.

As of 2151, the universal translator was unable to translate the Menk language. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

Established words

Tik Tik : "Thank you"
Ra'sata : "Food"
Valakii : "(the) Valakians"
Nan Da: Your Welcome

Established dialogue

e'satta prah ku...ku Valakii. : "The Doctor is going to look inside of you."

Pah ku mano. N'da tom-ah. : "The soil here isn't good for planting."

Menk a'kata y' Valakii. : "The Valakians are good to/protect the Menk."

Larr, ku ra'sata gol dach? : "Larr, where did you get the food?"

Valakii fora t'let ra'sata kee, akem, pinj erana. : "The Valakians give us anything we need: food, clothing, medicine."

Dialogue from Valakian hospital

Larr is one of the Menk.

Larr: "Dak mul ahna."

Hoshi: I'm sorry. Could you say that again?

Larr: "Dak mul ahna. Kal ah ku dah. Dak mul ahna. Kal ah ku dah."

Hoshi: Captain, the U.T. can't translate his language.

Larr: "Dukat ah pra kee, Larr."

It's probable their language is an offshoot of Valakian, or the other way around.

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