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To create headers for different sections, use the == (two equal signs) style markup. Do not simply make text bold!

Example: == Example header ==

When you include a header for a section, you don't need to include an extra line between the header and the next paragraph – that is automatically included by the MediaWiki software. If you find an article with such spaces, they should be removed.

Benefits of marking headers:

  • sections can be automatically numbered for users with that preference set,
  • a table of contents is generated from the different sections,
  • sections can be edited separately,
  • words in headers are given greater weight in searches,
  • headlines help readers by breaking up the text and outlining the article,
  • visually-impaired users may be using software which begins by giving a summary of the article, built from the heading tags.

You should capitalize the first word of a header and any proper nouns, but leave all of the other letters in lower case.

Example: == Example header for Memory Alpha's manual of style ==

Nesting Edit

It's important to nest headers properly, mainly for the same reasons listed above. Use them in order – H2, H3, H4, ... (The top-level heading of every page is H1 – the article title itself.) Viewing the table of contents listing will give you a good clue as to how good the organization of your article is.

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