The episode data project.

For information about editing the data in {{sidebar episode}} or {{sidebar film}}, please see this sub-page.

Goals Edit

  • Verify all episode data
  • Update the browsing data in the episode sidebars
  • Regenerate the season tables
  • Full credits for each episode and series
  • Credit uncredited actors

Important sub pages Edit

List pages Edit

Information pages Edit

Data sources Edit

These pages contain sidebar data that the bot will enforce in the sidebar templates. This gives one place to edit data that will affect multiple pages, and makes that data watchable.

All sub pages Edit

Episode data project/airdate and release orderEpisode data project/arcsEpisode data project/basic timeline order
Episode data project/browserEpisode data project/browser-dbEpisode data project/changing episode titles
Episode data project/episodes without sidebar imagesEpisode data project/feature-lengthEpisode data project/fields
Episode data project/issuesEpisode data project/known source errorsEpisode data project/multiple timeline positions
Episode data project/production number and orderEpisode data project/redirects to episode articlesEpisode data project/sidebar episode
Episode data project/sidebar episode/testEpisode data project/sidebar filmEpisode data project/sidebar information
Episode data project/statusEpisode data project/talk page thingEpisode data project/titles

Constants Edit

Main seriesEdit

{{Const/nEpisodesTOS}} = 80 / {{Const/nEpisodesTOSR}} = 80
{{Const/nEpisodesTAS}} = 22 / {{Const/nEpisodesTASR}} = 22
{{Const/nEpisodesTNG}} = 176 / {{Const/nEpisodesTNGR}} = 176
{{Const/nEpisodesDS9}} = 173 / {{Const/nEpisodesDS9R}} = 0
{{Const/nEpisodesVOY}} = 168 / {{Const/nEpisodesVOYR}} = 0
{{Const/nEpisodesENT}} = 97 / {{Const/nEpisodesENTR}} = 97
{{Const/nEpisodesDIS}} = 15 / {{Const/nEpisodesDISR}} = 15
{{Const/nEpisodesFLM}} = 13 / {{Const/nEpisodesFLMR}} = 10

{{Const/nEpisodes}} = 744 / {{Const/nEpisodesR}} = 400

Behind the Scenes showsEdit

{{Const/nEpisodesAfter Trek}} = 8

Templates Edit

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