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Any page in the Talk: namespace can be added to this forum by adding {{Talkforum}} to the page.

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Here is an alternate version that lists all pages in the Talk: namespace. This has the benefit that nothing has to be added to put it in the list, but it only includes pages from the Talk: namespace, and they don't have the neat thread nav at the top. Also, it somewhat duplicates the functionality of choosing "Talk" in the namespace dropdown box of Recent Changes.

TopicLast PostLast Author
Khan Noonien Singh (alternate reality)09:24, December 3, 2016NetSpiker
Night Terrors (episode)05:04, December 3, 2016Thebilldude
Qomar starbase03:23, December 3, 2016Memphis77
Relics (episode)02:09, December 3, 2016Nausiated
Invasive Procedures (episode)02:06, December 3, 2016Thebilldude
Unnamed fixed installations01:24, December 3, 2016Archduk3
Body Parts (episode)22:24, December 2, 2016Thebilldude
Starfleet uniform (mid 2260s-early 2270s)22:00, December 2, 2016Gvsualan
Elementary, Dear Data (episode)21:23, December 2, 2016Thebilldude
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-J)17:31, December 2, 2016Archduk3

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