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Reference Desk

Forum:AMT model kits

Forum:Adding to Vulcan physiology

Forum:Afterlife in Star Trek

Forum:Alien Ratio

Forum:Aliens in ENT "Fight or Flight"?

Forum:Aliens in ST

Forum:Aliens that never appeared again

Forum:Altered vs Alternate

Forum:Amount of Security personnel on a starship?

Forum:Anthony Genovese

Forum:Any Elim Garak fans in CT?

Forum:Anyone know the name of picard's lionfish?

Forum:Are the episodes with stardates flashbacks?

Forum:Audio Books

Forum:Audio tracks on new R2 DS9 boxsets

Forum:Backgound Actors' talk

Forum:Bajoran border

Forum:Bajoran labor mines

Forum:Banned Episode?

Forum:Beam me up, Scotty

Forum:Beatrice Arthur

Forum:Biologically more canid than "humanoid"?

Forum:Black hole (Star Trek 2009) = Temporal rift?

Forum:Body armor

Forum:Book Title

Forum:Books as in what stores have

Forum:Budget/cost info

Forum:Building a starship in a gravity well


Forum:Can "Terok Nor" and "Empok Nor" be translated?

Forum:Can Admirals Grant Divorces?

Forum:Can Weapons be fired while on warp?

Forum:Can any officer verify another officer's command codes?

Forum:Can klingons whistle?

Forum:Can you identify this rifle?

Forum:Canon explanation for color corrected planets

Forum:Cardassian ship: dilithium crystals?

Forum:Census of the Star Trek Universe

Forum:Cloning Mariposan Causalties

Forum:Complete episode list?

Forum:Complete list of Star Trek actors' appearances in Stargate series

Forum:Computer Voice Synthesizer?

Forum:Contemplating the Orb of Contemplation

Forum:Could the Borg assimilate the Founders?

Forum:Crew Manifest?

Forum:Crewmembers with physical handicaps

Forum:Crusher and Picard eating in Captain's Quarters

Forum:Custom space-stations on Star Trek Online? How big can they be?

Forum:DS9 - Playing God question

Forum:DS9 Crew Quarters Art

Forum:DS9 seasons 6/7 soundtrack

Forum:DVD Features?

Forum:Dampening fields and such

Forum:Dark Frontier Extended

Forum:Date of Voyager's return


Forum:Death and presumed death

Forum:Definitive Star Trek novels reading order?


Forum:Diferences between Star Trek universe and Real World timelines

Forum:Difference between deflectors

Forum:Disappearing children?

Forum:Display behind Julian & Dax Deep Space 9 Finale


Forum:Do PADDs Have CPUs?

Forum:Do they use ultrasound in Star Trek?

Forum:Doctor quoting the (7th) Doctor?

Forum:Does Mass affect warp drive needs?

Forum:Does the Vulcan nerve pinch work on other Vulcans?

Forum:Drinking Age?

Forum:Drive and Imperfection

Forum:Editing and Adding

Forum:Emailing users

Forum:Encyclopediae / episode guides to TNG/DS9 era?

Forum:Ensign Massaro

Forum:Enterprise B request

Forum:Enterprise Season 4 Music

Forum:Enterprise crew size

Forum:Enterprise launch from San Francisco

Forum:Episode Novelizations

Forum:Fayette, the unknown MACO?

Forum:Federation infrantry?

Forum:First Contact and Time Travel

Forum:Full Airdate List

Forum:Garak's Gizmos

Forum:Gateways and Guardians

Forum:Gen Order or other Law Concerning Sabotage of Starships

Forum:Geordi's tortured life

Forum:Girl Scouts "Resistance is Futile" ad?

Forum:Gosis's species homeworld name

Forum:Grammatical errors

Forum:Gross Revenue for all Star Trek novel sales

Forum:Hardware identification label

Forum:He's dead Jim

Forum:Help identify an episode

Forum:Help in translating to 22nd century vulcan caligraphy

Forum:Hikaru Sulu Information

Forum:How do you pronounce "Theiss"?

Forum:How far can the tractor beam reach on Voyager?

Forum:I'm looking for some DS9 episodes.....

Forum:IDIC Epidemic, 2 different books?

Forum:ID of Klingon character in 'Enterprise'

Forum:I need further information on the Akira Class

Forum:If Captain Christopher had to stay why didn't Gillian Taylor?

Forum:If you give a mouse a cookie

Forum:Images from external sites

Forum:In a Mirror, Darkly

Forum:Is Star Trek anti-German?

Forum:Is Steven Hawking the only person to have played himself in a Trek episode/film ?

Forum:Is the beautiful soundtrack for "Metamorphosis" available?

Forum:Is the video of the deleted scene from "Operation -- Annihilate!" available online?

Forum:Is there a memory alpha page dealing with the Aztek Pattern on starfleet ships?

Forum:Janeway's Love

Forum:John Christian Graas (Jay Gordon Graas)

Forum:Klingon Language Books - Canon or Non-Canon?

Forum:Klingons at Wolf 359? Evidence in VOY: Unity

Forum:Krole's species homeworld name

Forum:Latent image stardate

Forum:Laughing spock

Forum:Lie detectors or what?

Forum:List of crew-person deaths

Forum:Literary references in Star Trek

Forum:Longest and Shortest Teasers

Forum:Looking for a specific symbol

Forum:Looking for an episode...

Forum:Lt Valaris?


Forum:Material of the Star Trek DS9 Uniforms

Forum:Merchandise numbers

Forum:Mirror Universe


Forum:Mutara Nebula Battle - Genesis Device Activation

Forum:Name of Computer Terminal on Desks and in Crew Quarters?

Forum:Name of episode where Picard negotiates with fastidious alien race?

Forum:Native names?

Forum:Navigators and Helmsmen

Forum:Need Help Remembering An Episode!

Forum:Need a list for Trek crosswords

Forum:Nero Query

Forum:New Blueprints

Forum:New series

Forum:No mention of the transporter.

Forum:No ships around Earth

Forum:Non Canon vs. Semi Cannon vs. Apocrypha

Forum:Number of total Star Trek episodes

Forum:Numbering of Planets in a System

Forum:Officers Manuel

Forum:Officers verses

Forum:Old Star Trek Extras in Other Productions

Forum:Parallels episode production details

Forum:Phase pistol

Forum:Planets in which Quadrants?

Forum:Post-Voyager Endgame-command crew

Forum:Post Cards?

Forum:Prime Directive RPG cannonic or not?

Forum:Proper Nouns or Tech Starting with K

Forum:Quantum reality structure

Forum:Quark's Bar Las Vegas Relocating to Neonopolis??

Forum:Question about VOY: Demon

Forum:Question about the Hansens (ST:VOY)

Forum:Rank pins in Voyager?

Forum:Recurring phrases in trek

Forum:Religions of Star Trek: The Bajorans

Forum:Replicators: why do people still work?

Forum:Rigel 4 fortress music

Forum:Rotation? (Mirror Universe)

Forum:Royalties for species

Forum:Sam Taylor - TOS Enterprise builder

Forum:Same Dress in VOY & DS9 - can anyone explain?

Forum:Ship's Phaser Color and Martok Changeling

Forum:Short aliens in 'Journey to Babel'

Forum:Song ID: Someone to Watch Over Me

Forum:Species Naming Conventions

Forum:Spock's Love

Forum:Spock from 2370-2387

Forum:Spock line re trust?

Forum:Spock using Microfilm?

Forum:Star Date

Forum:Star Fleet Marines?

Forum:Star Ship Plaque's

Forum:Star Trek Adventure Line (1-900-FUN-TREK) info?

Forum:Star Trek Alarm Clock

Forum:Star Trek Auction

Forum:Star Trek Bloopers

Forum:Star Trek novel/book in Virtuality

Forum:Star Trek novel with gay themes?

Forum:Star Trek on Netflix

Forum:Star Trek production

Forum:Star Trek scripts and transcripts

Forum:Star charts of the Alpha Quadrant

Forum:Star trek species conecpt arts

Forum:Stardate thoughts via email

Forum:Starfleet General Staff

Forum:Starship construction organization?

Forum:Steering control of the star ships in trek universe

Forum:Still possible to buy unremastered TOS DVD?

Forum:TNG/DS9 next episode preview music?

Forum:TNG S05 E07: Junked Saucer Sections?

Forum:TNG Ten Forward table device

Forum:TNG production numbers

Forum:TOS-era lights, levers and switches

Forum:TOS Credits Still

Forum:TOS HD available in NOT "remastered" versions?

Forum:Tamoon's species homeworld name

Forum:Ted Levine

Forum:The ORIGINAL Star Wreck: The Commotion Picture

Forum:The Q & Mirror Universes?

Forum:The Ship (episode) - Klingon tradition

Forum:The doorway theory

Forum:The year 2083

Forum:Theme Song(or what have you)

Forum:Timezone on Federation Starships


Forum:Trying to remember a specific Voyager episode - Help!

Forum:Tuvok's costumes in Concerning flight and Through the looking glass


Forum:UFP council member badge

Forum:Universal appreciation of time

Forum:Unknown actress/character name

Forum:Unknown alien from Westmore's studio

Forum:Various video format releases

Forum:Vices of the crews

Forum:Voyager Episode???

Forum:Voyager extended episodes

Forum:Voyager mentioned in DS9?

Forum:Voyager using phasers at warp in Basics Part 1

Forum:Vulcan 'engagement' bond

Forum:Vulcan script translation

Forum:Vulcans and choclate

Forum:Wanting to sell a bunch of Star Trek memorabelia

Forum:Warp Drive versus Impulse Drive

Forum:Warp Nacelle Length of NX class

Forum:Warp Speeds


Forum:Was Elizabeth Dehner stated in dialogue to have a "PhD in psychiatry"?

Forum:Was the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty" actually used in T.O.S. ?

Forum:Was the spacedock called "Regula one"

Forum:We can customize ships on Star Trek Online. Oh? How much so?

Forum:What's the difference between a pase pistol and a phaser?

Forum:What Borg function designations are there?

Forum:What aspects of Kirk's life are canon?

Forum:What do they all do?

Forum:What does Ashal-veh mean?

Forum:What does NCC and NX mean?

Forum:What is the difference between a technician and a specialist?

Forum:What is the name of the LCARS font?

Forum:What makes people actually notice that they've been transported

Forum:When Was the Holodeck Invented?

Forum:When did Betazed join the Federation?

Forum:When in the TNG timeline do the movies take place?

Forum:Where can I find a transcript of 1976 LP Gene Roddenbury's "Inside Star Trek"?

Forum:Where can I find an accurate galactic map?

Forum:Where did these DVDs come from?

Forum:Where is the Imperial Plaza located?

Forum:Where to get information from

Forum:Where to start with Star Trek ?

Forum:Which is the 'missing' 727th production?

Forum:Which was played first, at the original air date? DS9 or Voyager

Forum:Who's in charge at starfleet academy?

Forum:Who can tell me all the movies that the enterprise nx-01 crew watch

Forum:Who is this actress?

Forum:Why are NX-01's impulse engines blue as opposed to red?

Forum:Why are Starships in the Star Trek universe so small

Forum:Why are there Vulcan ships if they are part of Starfleet?

Forum:Why didn't the 29th century Time Police intervene in the latest movie?

Forum:Why didn't the dominion just beam the DS9 crew out of the ship?

Forum:Why is ground combat so low tech?

Forum:Why is there a man in 20th century clothing in TNG Power Play

Forum:Why is there no video recording equipment in Star Trek?

Forum:Why was Whoopi Goldberg uncredited in the two ST movies?

Forum:Will there be a sixth star trek series

Forum:Worf's Rank in Future Imperfect


Forum:Xindi females?

Forum:YASID: Time on a planet moves much faster than crew on a ship

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