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Subject: Answers
Date: 8/28/98 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: RonDMoore
Message-id: <>

<<Ron, did you ever write any fanfic? Articles for fanzines? Or read them? I
mean, before you were a PTB. Back in the old days.>>

I did read a few pieces of fanfic back in the old days (before the dark
times... before the Empire...) but I never wrote any.  I did start a Trek
novel way back when that I never finished, that would've told the story of
Tarsus IV (the backstory of "Conscience of the King") and that was my first
attempt at working in this universe.

<<First of all, has Nog always had blue fingernails? I just noticed it 
during ["Valiant"]. Do the rest of the Ferengi have them as well, or does 
Nog wear nail polish?>>

I believe the Ferengi all have fingernail polish, and I'm sure there's a 
deep, complex socio-politico explanation why.  Please direct your inquiries
to Ira Behr on this fascinating issue.

<<Also, since when do people still take pills? I thought everything was 
given by hypospray.>>

I had Watters take pills in "Valiant" for a couple of reasons.  First, I
didn't want him "shooting up" with a hypospray since that seemed to imply a
much heavier drug problem than I was trying to give him.  Second, I saw no
reason why certain medications could not be taken orally even in the 24th

<<My only real complaint of the episode though, was that during a red alert,
Nog, the chief engineer of the ship, went to the bridge. Shouldn't he be in
engineering? >>

Where the Chief Engineer belongs during Red Alert is something we've played
loose and fast with.  I think you'll find that Geordi, O'Brien -- and even
Scotty -- were sometimes on the Bridge and sometimes in Engineering during 
an emergency and the choice is almost always made for dramatic rather than
technical reasons.  If the writer wants a cutaway to the the chaotic engine
room during a crisis, then boom -- the engineer is down there.  If it's 
better to have him on the Bridge, then he stays.

<<Now that Ron is taking questions from an internet newsgroup, what is his
future plans for visiting this board?  We know longer have him exclusively.
Is he going to move every discussion over to the newsgroup?  Is that why it
takes him so much longer now to drop by and answer ?'s here?>>

I come here first.  I've been doing this the longest and I'll continue to do
it while I'm on Trek.  The newsgroup questions will be forwarded to me by 
the people running that site and I'll send them the answers when I get a 
chance. My schedule always dictates how often I can answer questions, and 
the past two weeks have been pretty difficult.  But I'm back and I'll answer
as many as I can today.

<<Everyone is always talking about the Alpha Quadrant, but what is happening
in the Beta Quadrant? You said you mentioned something about the Beta 
Quadrant in "Valient" but I heard nothing. So what's the scoop? Also, is 
Guinan going to be appearing in DS9 this season?>>

The Beta Quadrant is currently undergoing a long-planning rennovation and
remodeling project.  The light fixtures need replacing, the carpets are
stained, there're roaches everywhere -- trust me it's a mess.  

We have no plans to bring back Guinan.

<<Ron, is it possible for you to give us a hint at what lose ends you will 
be tying up in DS9's final season?  Will you be tying up any of the 
TNG-era lose ends in the final season of DS9?>>

I can't really give you any hints, but I can say that we're not looking to
wrap up any TNG-related threads -- we have enough on our plate.

<<How tall is the new Dax?  If she's under six feet, will she need high

Nicole is significantly under six feet and let's not start the "Great Ezri
Heels Debate" just yet, shall we?

<<When Kai Opaka gave Miles her earing back in 'Battle Lines',  was there 
some sort of hidden message behind it?  Some sort of future for Molly that 
would merit a mention or an episode in the 7th season?  Or am I inagining 
something special that was just simply meant as a gift? >>

I don't know what the intent was at the time that episode was written, but 
we have talked about following it up many times over the last few years.
However, we've never landed on a premise that we liked enough to develop.
Still could happen.

<<I'm not sure if it was you who said this, but I've heard that the 
reference by Admiral Bennett in the episode "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" 
to the Eugenics Wars having taken place "200 years" previous was a mistake, 
and that in the Trek timeline the Eugenics Wars still occurred in the late 
20th Century.  When I heard Bennett's comment, I thought it was a clever way
of re-writing Trek history to bring it closer to "reality" -- pushing the 
rise of the genetically-engineered "supermen" out more believably into the 
22nd Century.
Why not let Bennett's comments stand as the new "real" continuity, in order 
to allow Our Present to still be Trek's Past?  Isn't that the whole idea of
the Star Trek vision?  That our society, as we know it today, might evolve 
into the one we see on DS9?>>

I don't know if we're ever going to mention the Eugenics Wars again, so I
don't know if this question will come up before the show ends.  I can see
valid arguments either way on this issue, but my instinct is to preserve the
original series backstory even though it obviously conflicts with present-

<<Is Sisko a descendant of Admiral Cartwright, from Star Trek IV and VI?  
I've noticed a striking resemblance between Sisko's father and former 

Or maybe Admiral Cartwright was a Changeling...

<<I just watched a repeat of "The Bonding" (TNG), your first Trek script, 
and was wondering: Are you disappointed that the boy with whom Worf bonded
did not continue as part of Worf's story on TNG and/or DS9?  Any chance we 
will ever hear more about him?>>

I was not a big fan of the actor playing Jeremy, so in that sense I wasn't
disappointed at all.  It would've been interesting to continue the
relationship on the Enterprise (with a different kid), but at that point in
Trek, no one was even willing to think about continuing storylines, so it
never came up.  I think that the "Bonding" backstory is too distant now to
figure into the DS9 story.

<<Have you seen Saving Private Ryan?  I'm curious about your thoughts on 
this movie.>>

I have seen it and I was very impressed with it.  I felt it broke new ground
in the depiction of combat on screen and I found Tom Hanks' performance very
moving.  I didn't care for the framing device (the modern-day scenes at the
cemetary) and think the film would've been better off without it, but it's 
an excellent film and I highly recommend it.

<<Have you already announced who will play the new Dax host? It seems to be 
a poorly kept secret if you have not. Can you tell us anything more about 
the character? It seems that she can not continue her marriage to Worf 
because of Trill taboos. But I don't think it's true she can not associate 
with former friends, since Jadzia remained good friends with Ben Sisko. Is 
this an example of a glitch in continuity or is it a new plot development?>>

Paramount has officially announced that Nicole de Boer will be playing Ezri
Dax this season.  She's an Ensign in Starfleet and a Counselor by training.
We've all fallen in love with Nicole and I think you're going to as well.
Ezri will not be resuming her marriage with Worf, but how this has affected
their relationship will be explored in the first few episodes.

<<We haven't seen Gowron since the Dominion 2-parter back in season 5.  Any
plans, concrete or otherwise, to see him before DS9 bows off the stage?>>

I think we might see Gowron once last time this year, but we don't have it
planned yet.

<<So what happened to Kira's threat that "The next time I see Dukat I'm 
gonna kill him!" Also- is it true she is being promoted???>>

We're talking about your first question right now and the answer to the 
second is "yes."

<<Ron, is there a posibility(even a remote one) that we may see any of the 
TNG cast and/or the Enterprise in the DS9 series finale?>>

I don't think so.

<<A Question about "Tears of the Prophets":

What exactly is the negative side of the wormhole being sealed?  Wasn't that
something they've tried to do, unsuccessfully, in "In Purgatory's Shadow"?  
I guess I'm not seeing how that's a problem, since it's opening has only 
seemed to bring suffering and death in the form of the Dominion.>>

The negative impact was almost entirely on the Bajoran people, who were
suddenly cut-off from their gods.  The Orbs, which had guided them and
enlightened them for so long have now gone out and the thought that the
Prophets themselves may actually be dead is certainly a dark one for the

<<There is a rumor floating about that Chief O'Brien is going to be promoted
this season which begs the question what rank exactly is he currently?  I
always thought he was a noncommissioned officer who attained, as chief
engineer of DS9, the highest rank he could.>>

Although we don't have a promotion planned for O'Brien, I imagine he could 
go from Chief Petty Officer to Master Chief Petty Officer.

<<In the episode "Rules of Acquisition," we were left with Quark's obvious
interest in Pel.  Will this thread come up this season - with a reoccurrence
of the Pel character?  >>

We have no plans to bring back Pel.

<FONT  COLOR="#3b1600" SIZE=3><<With all the loose ends you have to tie up,
are you still planning to do anything more with Section 31?>>


</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3><<For the love of Roddenberry, please
tell me you WON'T be using the new "Snooty Waiter" dress uniforms (as
appearing in ST: Insurrection) on DS9 next season...>>

The what....?

</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY><<I just picked up the "premiere" issue of Amazing
Stories magazine (on sale now) with the Star Trek crossover, and I was 
curious as to the level of involvement you folks had with this special 
issue?  >>


<<Will anything positive happen to O'Brien this season??>>

Why should this season be any different?

<<What can a new actor do to make myself look presentable when auditing for
Star   Trek roles??>>

Comb your hair.

<<Will there be any episode that deals with the re-taking of Betazed?  What
ever happened to Lawaxana Troi during this?>>

We're talking about both subjects right now, but have made no decisions.

<<Will Worf be promoted?>>


<<Will Kurn/Rodeck be making an appearence this season?>>


<<Will Worf be accepted back into the Klingon Empire?>>

Not until he settles with Klingon IRS.

<<Will Worf and Kurn be rejoined and bring back the House of Mogh?>>

The House of Mogh is currently being used as a restaurant/dance hall and has
no plans to expand its operations.

<<I was watching a season two TNG rerun tonight, and saw mean Ferengi. Will 
we ever be seeing any mean ferengi again?>>

Brunt's a pretty mean guy if you ask me.

<<I thought "In the Pale Moonlight" had the most
interesting storyline for Garak since "Improbable
Cause." Will there be any followup to Garak's
(and Sisko's ) actions from that episode ? Will
we finally see an episode that deals with Garak's
past when he was working for the Obsidian Order,
and why he was forced to leave Cardassia ?>>

Sorry to give the same answer again, but both subjects are under discussion
right now, but we haven't firmed up our plans yet.

<<Do you think you're going to be able to wrap up all the story threads that
have been unfurled during DS9's run in these last 26 episodes?>>

I'm sure that we won't.  We're picking and choosing what to deal with and 
what to leave hanging.

<<Is there a possibility that not all of the main characters will make it to
the series finale?>>

Anything's possible.

<<Mr. Moore are we going to learn anything
about the Dominion's origins this year ? Will
we learn exactly why, how and when the 
Dominion was formed ? Will we learn of
other members of the Dominion and will you
reveal whether or not the Dominion controls
the entire gamma quadrant ?>>

You will definitely learn more about all of the above topics this


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