Subject: Answers
Date: Wed, Mar 25, 1998 21:26 EST
From: RonDMoore
Message-id: <>

<<I have a question about the mindset you and your colleagues have now. I
would imagine that with the end of the series beginning to come into sight,
you all are thinking about your post-Trek professional futures, and/or
thinking about giving this a big sendoff, and/or maybe even relieved that 
this is coming to an end before profound creative fatigue sets in. Are you 
looking around at each other and starting to say goodbye? Is it close
enough among your team to make that feel like aloss, or is it jus time to 
move on?>>

Although we do discuss the post-DS9 era from time to time and what it will
mean to our careers, we've been shying away from saying good-bye or dealing
with the emotional content of what the end of the show will mean to us
personally.  It's just not that time yet.

<<DS9 going the way of the Dominion with the whole war thing. War was not 
what Star Trek was ever about and special effects shows should be left to 
the shows that have nothing else to offer and whose idea of storytelling is 
military and political hide and seek (e.g. Babylon 5.)..., etc. etc. >>

I like the Dominion War, I think it's helped to deepen and broaden the show
and that it's brought a breath of fresh air into the entire Trek franchise.  
I think it's given us an opportunity to do different kinds of storytelling 
and that it's allowed us to explore the characters in new and interesting 
I've always found the various arguments about what Trek is and is not 
supposed to be "about" to be pretentious and vaguely ridiculous.  Trek is
"about" a lot of things and different people watch the show for different
reasons.  Bottom line -- if you hate the direction we're going in, don't
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