Subject: Answers
Date: Wed, Mar 4, 1998 20:12 EST
From: RonDMoore
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<<So Ron... if you are reading any of this, which I doubt... what do you think
of the new boards?>>

I'm trying to get used to them.  Some of the interface commands seem counter-
intuitive (at least to me), but I'll adjust.

<<In "Far Beyond the Stars" did "Morn" or "Rom" make any appearances in the


<<Did you come up with another O'Brien storyline?????????>>

Yes and Rene is writing it at this moment.

<<And will Keiko and family make an appearance real soon????????>>

Keiko, Molly and Kiryoshi will probably all appear in Rene's show.

<<When we left Dukat, he was still chatting with his three imaginary friends.
Do you still plan on showing this? Or has he somehow got himself back
together? If so, how?  The madness we saw was pretty drastic... it would seem
odd if it went away suddenly.  How do you plan to use the character in the
immediate future?>>

We will not see the phantoms in Dukat's next appearance ("Wrongs Darker
than...") but we may or may not still see them in future episodes.

<<In FBTS,  "Herbert" is seen to be packing a Hugo when threatening to leave.
I have heard that it was a genuine Hugo.  The question is who's Hugo was it?

I believe it was a replica of a genuine Hugo, not the real article.

<<I noticed in "Far Beyond the Stars" that a red checkerboard rocket was
sitting in the middle of the table in the first scene in the editorial office.
This rocket bears a striking resemblance to the rocket featured in two Tintin
comics: "Destination Moon," and "Explorers on the Moon." So who on the staff
is the big Tintin fan? >>

This would be someone in the art department, but I'm not sure who.

<<What do you think the odds are these days that you could create a new Sci-Fi
series for television or movies? Beyond that, what are the odds of creating a
successful one? And how much of your foot has to be shoved in the door to do
it? :)>>

Sci-Fi series are certainly marketable commodities and it all depends on who
you are, who you're pitching the series to and when you're doing it.
Obviously, if you have a track record working in this genre, you have a leg up
on someone who does not.  But science fiction, like all genres, sometimes
wears out its welcome with the studios -- "We're sick of doing science
fiction.  Do you have a romantic comedy?"  You just never know.

<<Who minds the store when the entire DS9 senior staff is out galavanting in
the Defiant?>>

The station is taken over by a race of non-humanoid aliens who are too
expensive to show on television.  But trust me -- they're really cool looking.

<<What characther is featured in "Valiant"  ? and what is it about ?>>

It's a Jake & Nog story that features them picked up by the USS Valiant behind
enemy lines.  The crew of the Valiant is... not your regular group of

<<Has Worf has considered the possibility that maybe there wouldn't *be* a
Fed-Dominion war going on if he hadn't stopped Garak from blowing away the
Founders' homeworld in "Broken Link"?>>

It probably keeps him awake at night.

<<Whose idea was it to put the matte painting of Starbase 11 from "The
Menagerie" and "Court Martial" on the cover of the the Galaxy magazine?>>

I'm not sure, but I suspect it was Mike Okuda.  When I saw the shot in
dailies, my first reaction was that it implied that the entire Trek franchise
was created by Benny.   Which at first troubled me, but then I thought it was
another interesting notion that created even more layers to the episode.

<<Are you satisfied with the depth to which the episode dealt with the issues
of racism which it raised?>>

I was very satisfied.  The episode accomplished virtually everything we set
out to do.

<<Do you agree with the character Alexander Siddig played in the 1950s
sequences, that making the story a dream "guts the story"?>>

No, but it was a valid criticism of "dream shows" that we wanted to throw at
the audience and make them ask themselves if the story they were watching was
in some way "gutted" by the ending.

<<Are we to assume this was an experience designed by the Bajoran Prophets to
persuade their "emissary" to stick with Bajor?>>

Take from it what you will...

<<will we be seeing any more of Lt. Neely?>>

No plans at the moment.

<<Read in the paper today about another Heavens's Gate'r taking a dirt nap. He
had "Heaven's Gate Away Team" stitched on his shirt. Ron, does it affect you
at all that people are associating Star Trek with these oxygen thieves? And,
does it affect you knowing that there are people out there taking their lives
due to, in small part, things that you have directly or indirectly been
involved in?>>

I don't feel responsible for someone's suicide just because they went to meet
their maker wearing a t-shirt with a Trek saying or logo on it.  And no, I
don't feel particularly responsible for the actions of these people, directly
or indirectly.  You don't have to watch my show.   And you certainly don't
have to kill yourself because you chose to watch my show.  You go down that
road, you do it on your own and without my encouragement or approval.  

<<One of our familiar web site spoiler/news/rumors providers attended a
convention today in New York with Terry Farell, and reports that she will not
be returning for season 7. Ron can you please confirm this? Is this really

Nothing official has happened one way or the other.
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