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Date:  98-01-29 20:58:02 EST
From:  RonDMoore

<<I'm curious about a very brief shot during the scene in "First Contact" 
where Lily confronts Picard in the conference room.  Picard smashes the 
glass of the Enterprise models, there is a quick shot of the model of the 
Enterprise-D rotating, and then a reaction shot of Picard.  That quick shot 
of the Enterprise-D in the context of destroying the Enterprise-E, and 
Picard's comment that he would not allow the destruction of the ship while 
he was in command, brought to mind the destruction of the Enterprise-D in
"Generations".  Question:  the quick shot of the Enterprise-D rotating after
the glass was smashed -- was it part of the script?  was it a directorial
touch?  or was it a serendipitous occurrence picked up by a coverage shot 
and edited into the final cut?>>

The shot was not scripted and I'm not sure if it was something Jonathan 
planned or if it was just serendipity.

<<This one's for that civic-minded historian in you:  if it weren't for the 
current media-induced scandal in Washington, do you feel that the Pope's 
historic visit to Cuba, along with his cries for the US and Cuba to play 
nice, would have changed the relations between our two countries?  If so, 

I saw the Pope's visit as interesting, but I wasn't anticipating it being a 
pivotal moment in US/Cuban relations.  The Pope's visit to Poland back 
before the Iron Curtain fell seemed like a seminal moment, but this did not
 -- then again, I'm not really a student of Cuba and I may be 
underestimating its impact on the people of that nation.  I doubt that the 
visit would've had a lot of impact on Washington's foreign policy toward 

<<.Is Alexander Siddig going to direct an ep. anytime soon??>>

I'm sure he will direct again, but he's not slotted on the board at the 

<<Do you have the eps. planned for a disagreement between Miles and Julien??
And will or have you taped the return of Keiko??>>

Both are under discussion, but not yet planned.

<<To me some of b-storylines seem to bring humor to DS9 which is good for 
that show and it always seems to be Miles and Julien involved in it, do you
usually have it planned as those 2 being the jokers of the crew?>>

They are definitely our favorite comedy duo.

<<Every season it seems one or two characters just get lost in the shuffle 
when it comes to having episodes really featuring them.  This season, which 
characters do you feel you've not paid enough attention to? >>

I'd say O'Brien is the only one we've slighted and part of the problem has 
been scheduling.  We're looking for more O'Brien stories right now.

<<Now that you have a seventh season, can you tell us what kind of ideas you
and the staff might have had for a series finale this year, had you needed 
to do one?>>

The plans for a season six finale never really coalesced in our minds.  We 
all kept going on the assumption that we would eventually get a seventh 
season pick-up, so very little planned was ever done to end the show after 
six years.

<< I know you see Dukat as a villain mainly, but do you think it is possible
that he might secretly be trying to bring the Dominion down now?>>

Oh, I'm sure he has no love for the Dominion.

<<Is there really any reason that Dukat was named Elmo?>>

Just my perverse nature.

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Date:  98-01-29 21:11:05 EST
From:  RonDMoore

<<[Tripp] also knew that she'd be called a she made tapes to be 
able to back up her story... Tripp wanted to have tapes to back up her 
story. She wasn't going to get called a liar again...As for why she didn't 
keep them to herself until she had no choice: after Lewinsky testified, 
Tripp *had* no choice >>

This doesn't hold up to scrutiny.   First, Lewinsky has never testified, she
submitted an affadavit.  Second, Tripp started making these tapes long 
before either of them was ever supoenaed in the Paula Jones case, which begs 
the question of why she began the taping in the first place.   And if she 
felt so strongly that the "truth" about this alleged affair absolutely had 
to come out then why didn't tell her "friend" Monica, "Hey, I've been taping
these conversations.  You've got to come forward and tell them the truth or
I will."  Instead, she volunteers to lure her "friend" to another sting and
then feeds her to Starr, who then threatens to prosecute unless she 
cooperates in getting dirt on the President and Vernon Jordan. This doesn't 
seem like someone just trying to protect herself, this seems like a
bald manipulation of the confidence of a "friend" for a political game of 
"Gotcha!" I find that despicable.

Subj:  Answers
Date:  98-01-29 21:20:05 EST
From:  RonDMoore

<<The New York book editor connection: a friend of Tripp's who uesd to work
in Washington. Heck, I'm an editor, too. Does this mean that every time some
one confides in me, she must looking for a book deal?>>

No, but if you shop around a book proposal for her with a chapter entitled,
"The President's Women" one might reasonably assume that someone in this 
equation is interested in making money.
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