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Date:  97-10-27 14:08:19 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<< I was watching a old episode and Bashir mentioned how he messed up some
fiber on his medical exam so he was 2nd instead of 1st in his class. Now that
we know he was genetically enchanced did he mess up.>>

Yes, he blew this question intentionally as he admitted in "Distant Voices."

<<I was just reading Cinefantastique and was reminded of our friends the
Maquis.....I would really like to know why Michelle Forbes did not want to
continue her role as Ro Laren. I mean , I remember her wanting to pursue a
film career but how many flicks has she made in the intervening 5 yrs? 3? My
point then is maybe someone should try contacting her to see if she might
 want to reprise her role one last time.>>

All I know is that Michelle wanted to pursue feature films at the time when
she was offered the DS9 pilot and that she turned down the series several
times.  We don't feel any need to revisit the character of Ro on DS9, so I
doubt that you'll see her again.

<<Kira was largely displaced by Worf, a sexist move no matter how it was

This is a very old and very tired argument.  One more time:  the only thing
Worf "displaced" was Kira's role as automatic first officer of the Defiant.
 Big deal.  Does Kira still command the Defiant on occasion?  Yes.  Is she
still First Officer of DS9?  Yes.  Does Worf still have to take orders from
her?  Yes.  Is Kira still the Bajoran Liason?  Yes.  The entire notion that
we set out to damage Kira's character by bringing aboard Worf is ridiculous.
 DS9 already had a security officer and his name was Odo.  Kira's role as
Defiant XO was not exactly at the top of her priority list so giving it to
Worf seems like pretty small potatoes in the overall scheme of things.

<<Then there is the general gratuitous sexism on DS9 as evidenced by the way
the womens' bodies are padded in proportions few women have, put on display
by the way their "uniforms" are designed, and generally by the way women are
written compared to the men. >>

Let me bring you in on a little secret -- we pad everyone.  Men and women.
 Do you think Worf's shoulders are really that big?  Do you think Dukat's
chest is the size of a oil drum?  The costumes are often made of material
that requires... er, reshaping in order to be attactive on camera, especially
the Starfleet uniforms, which are so stiff and bulky that if we didn't do
something with them, you'd never get any body definition whatsoever.  Some
actors have great bodies and some don't.  We're more than happy to show off
those that do and help those who need it.  Patrick had a great body and was
more than willing to run around in very little whenever the situation called
for it.  

<<one of the virtues of what we women fans have constructed in our viewing of
 Star Trek (God knows, it's often hard to actually SEE in Star Trek since the
Star Trek writing so often hasn't kept up with our own times) is a world
where sexism and inequity do not exist. >>

Last time I checked, the Federation seemed like a place where sexism and
inequality do not exist.  The idea that every race in the galaxy should be
this way as well is silly.  That's not even the way things are here on good
old planet Earth.  There's a wide variety of male/female relations around the
globe and few of them replicate the current state of affairs in the US.  This
does not mean that every other culture on the face of the Earth is immoral,
mysogynistic, or evil.  The role of women in India and Pakistan is certainly
different and in many ways, less enlightened, than in America, yet both those
countries have been led by female prime ministers while America has yet to
have a woman as president or even VP.  There used to be a concept in Trek
known as IDIC, where diversity was celebrated and cultural differences were a
plus rather than a minus.  It flies in the face of IDIC to say that all alien
races must be judged by how closely they conform to notions fo sexual
equality in the Federation or the US.

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Date:  97-10-27 14:27:03 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<Where can a "wanna be" Trek writer get the basic guide lines to write a
script.  For instance, how long should an eppisode be?  How detailed do you
set up a scene?  How many breaks?>>

Call 213-956-8301 and you'll hear a message that will tell you how to get
the basic script guidelines, which will answer most of your questions.

<<Any plans on continuing the relationship between Quark and Grilka?>>

Not yet.

<<Last year there seemed to be an excessive amount of "relationship"
eppisodes.  It seemed like I was watching Deep Soap 9.  Will there be a large
number of "relationship" eppisodes this year?>>

Not as many out and out romance-based stories, but we'll still be doing
them, yes.

<<I realy enjoy reaading your responses on this board.  My question is "why
do you do it?"  Do you get paid by AOL?  For fun? why?>>

It takes me away from the work and yet makes me think critically about the
show at the same time.  I also just like the interaction with people who
watch and appreciate the work we do here.

<<Why didnt gthe klingons just cloak the cargo vessels that were heading for
that colony [in "Sons and Daughters"]? Rather than bother with the escort,
why not just put two cloaking devices onto the freighters, cloak them, and
send them to the colony where they could then beam down all their stuff
without even decloaking?>>

The cloaking device does not work so well on every ship.  It uses a lot of
power and probably can't be adapted to just any ship.  

<<Any chances of having Morn speak on camera in the final episode?  >>

Too soon to say.

<<will ST9 mention anything about the Enterprise's role in the Dominion

I have no idea.

<<Since Alexander is now interested in his people, will he be giving Worf a
hard time about casting off the House of Moag so easily?>>

I think Alexander understands Worf's reasons for joining the House of

<<Have you ever considered a tale parraleling the stories of Col. Worf and
his name sake in the 24th century?>>

It's been brought up, but we're probably not going to do it.

<<When are we going to hear about the Dominion and taking over the Beta
Quadrent.  The Klingone empire in in the Beta quadrent and so iss some of the
Federation.  Why is always, "Oh no, the Dominion is goning to take over the
Alpha quadrent" What about the Beta quadrent!?>>

We haven't mentioned the Beta quadrant in so long that I think people would
get confused if we suddenly started referring to it.  The Alpha quadrant is
firmly planted in the audience's mind as where the Fed, the Klingons, and the
Roms all live so I think we'll stick with that nomenclature.

<<do you plan on using Baseball in any of you upcoming episodes?>>

We've got some baseball references coming up.

<<Is Captain Yates coming back?>>


<<I know you hate this question but... I have read several things about  Mr.
Zimmerman saying season 7 is on.  Is this true now, ot is it still

Still no official word on season 7.

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Date:  97-10-27 14:47:52 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<Why, when female viewers express offense with sexism, are we told to quit
being "politically correct" and cautioned to resist applying contemporary
Human values to fictional alien races? Then in the next sentence reminded
that Jem-Hadar are logically male, or Cardassia's leadership is male, or
Klingons are male-dominant because "that's how it is" in Human warrior
societies? Ron Moore seems to be as guilty of this double-standard as
everyone else.>>

I don't recall ever making the "that's how it is in Human warrior societies"
argument.  I have said that applying contemporary *American* values to
fictional alien cultures is a mistake.  If you follow that line of reasoning,
every alien culture in the galaxy would have to work like ours does and that
would make for a pretty boring series.  I still find it odd that people will
look at a race like the Klingons and complain about the sexism, but seem
completely unconcerned about the fact that they're also:

-- a blood-thirsty race bent on conquest.

-- a people who seem flagrantly racist with regards to other beings.

-- a planet ruled by an unelected oligarchy with little or no redress for
its citizens.

-- a culture that glorifies violence in all its forms.

-- a society built around worship of and obedience to a warrior cult.

-- a place where children are blamed for the sins of their parents.

But somehow, if they just treated women a little better they'd be perfectly
acceptable as role-models?  While I do want to bring more balance into the
way that Klingon women are portrayed and show them as equal partners in
Klingon society, I also think that there's a fair amount of PC (political
correctness, not Picard-Crusher) involved in some of the complaints here.
 Why are all the above-mentioned flaws in the Klingon Empire just fine, but
sexism is not?  Racism is okay?  Love of violence is okay?  Militarism is
okay?  It seems as if there's a portion of the audience that will turn a
blind eye to anything so long as the sexual politics are brought into line of
current American thinking and that seems to be tinged by more than a little
PC to me.

<<Now that in " Behind the Lines " the Female Changeling told us the used to
be solids, that explains how they could make him a solid and possiably
explains the Aliens in the TNG episode " The Chase " witch could be these
ancient changelings, comments thoughts?>>

We've talked about linking (no pun intended) the Changelings to the race
seen in "The Chase," but I think we've abandoned that idea.

<<Without going into plot details, when the writers take a character in a
startling (and some might think irredeemable) new direction the way they have
with Odo this season, do they already have in mind how they plan to make it
feasible for the character to continue after the questionable story arc has
ended?  I've heard that Rene A was worried enough to go to Ira with his
concerns when he first read the script for "Behind the Lines", and having now
seen it, I can see why.  What kind of long-range planning do you do in
circumstances like that?  Or do you? >>

We do think out how a character arc like the one involving Odo will affect
future episodes, but sometimes our thinking changes mid-stream or evolves
into something else as the specific episodes come into focus.

<< I have noted that Mr. Brooks has not been signed for a( hopeful) 7th
season..If he did'nt, would the show go on, and would one of the regular
become commander, or would you hire another actor?>>

I'd rather not speculate on this.  The question of who will and who won't be
in the potential 7th year is premature at this point.

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Date:  97-10-27 14:59:58 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<when we try to portray an alien species (on TV, in fiction, or on movies)
the screams of agony that arise if the culture isn't totally sympathetic!...

Once we are fated to learn anything about a race, it had better be (for the
most part) cute, cuddly, and near-perfect, or watch out!  Why do we expect
better of the "cultures" we create in our fiction, than we expect of
ourselves? Why do we presume that we can *begin* to judge another species, no
matter how contrived or made up?...

The main use of another race in Science Fiction (outside of simple target
practice, or mere "flavor") is to hold a mirror up to *us*, to make us look
in that mirror and say "hmm, never knew that us)....

The problem, of course, if that if you set about to create a *flawed*
culture, or one that is *different* than human cultures, *someone* is gong to
get upset;

if they're sexist, the feminists get upset

If they're racist, the NAACP and such groups get mad

if they're violent, the anti-violence group gets upset

if they're carnivores, the Vegans get upset

if they're vegetarian, the PETA (People for Eating Tasty Animals) get mad

if they're Minbari, the radical Trekkies get upset :-)...

A perfect culture has no internal conflict, and most likely little reason
for external conflict. Conflict is what *drives* drama; a show with no
conflict is

*boring* (I can watch people going about their daily lives without using a
TV... a telescope works better :-). Does this mean I think every race should
be a bunch of misogynistic racists who eat everything in site, after either
blowing it up or stabbing it with big sharp knives?  Of course not. But a
different culture should be *different*; if I can find it on Earth, why in
heck did use Aliens?>>

Just wanted to repost this and say, "Right on, baby!"

<<There is a computer game I play, an excellent PBEM space strategy take
over the galaxy game. Now, it supports the use of addin programs. Anyway, I
was thinking of making an addon based on the dominion race. My question is
this; is there a serious chance of me gettign sued?>>

You're asking the wrong guy.

<<The founders sometimes change shape even when on the homeworld, according
to the female changeling in "Behind Enemy Lines". Into CLOUDS? Now teh
founders can vaporize, and turn into gasses and be clouds?>>

That would seem to be the case.

<<For the sake of continuity, is there a chance we might see the Defiant
helmsman from FIRST CONTACT in a DS9 episode?>>

I doubt it.

<<I'm in the middle of watching Generations again, and I've got a couple of
questions. Don't worry, they're not about Kirk. First of all, why did you
decide to make the helmsman of the Enterprise-B Sulu's daughter?>>

We wanted something to emphasize that the time of Kirk and Co. was coming to
an end and there was literally a next generation taking over.  Meeting Sulu's
daughter was something that would bring that home to Kirk as he stepped
aboard an all new Enterpirse (same goes for Chekov's daughter, which was our
original thought).

<<why on Earth did you decide to destroy the Enterprise-D? I understand you
were trying to establish a theme of loss through the film, but if that's the
reason it seem strange that the loss of the ship seemed to be such a small
thing. There was only one scene where anyone seemed to give a damn that the
ship was destroyed. That was when Riker and Picard were in the ready room at
the end, and only Riker seemed to be bothered by it. Picard seemed to care
more about his photo album than that he'd lost *another* ship. >>

The destruction of the E-D was something we'd been thinking about for over a
year.  The crash sequence was an idea we'd come up with back in the sixth
season and the movie seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it justice on
screen.  It also seemed to fit into the theme of loss and mortality, but I
will grant you that there should've been a bigger impact on Picard at the end
of the picture.

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Date:  97-10-27 15:13:42 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<Do you think it would be better for anyone writing a spec script at this
point to write it for Voyager rather than DS9? >>


<<Will "Waltz" have anything to do with Dukat's wife?  And if not, will she
ever be brought into the storyline as more than just a passing comment?>>

Dukat's wife does not figure into "Waltz" and I'm not sure if we'll bring
her into the series or not.

<<Will Gowron be appearing again during the war or in any other episodes?>>

We haven't done anything with Gowron yet.

<<Of course, ron doesnt have to show every annoying thing [Worf and Dax] do.
We dont need to know about injuries, or see them making out, or dax jumping
into worfs arms(although show it ifhe doesnt catch her, or if he jumps into
her arms, or some such humorous thing). All we need to know is that they are
engaged, that they will soon be married, and nothing more.>>

Yep, there's nothing more exciting than a relationship that consists solely
of the following:

DAX:  Benjamin, Worf and I are getting married.  It'll be on a Thursday.

SISKO:  Congratulations.  Now, let's TECH the TECH on that space anomaly.

Sounds great.

<<-I'm really tired of the complaints that Dax is a bimbo, or a jerk, or a
mindless adjunct to Worf because she's in love and sometimes does
light-hearted things.  I thought that her jumping into Worf's arms was funny
and charming; neither Sisko nor Martok was offended--why are you?  Haven't
you ever been so glad to see someone that you ran up and grabbed them in
front of God and everybody?  It was a very sweet moment, and very much in
character, and as none of them was on duty, there's no breach of military
discipline going on.  It was very much a Dax thing to do.  Part of her
personality is her playfulness, her teasing, her warmth, and I hope we'll
continue to see as much of that as we do of the science officer, the warrior,
and the very highly competent commander.>>


<<As I said before, I have NEVER, EVER in my entire life seen an adult woman
do this [jump into someone's arms].  I never want to either; this sort of
display is fine for private but incredibly wrong for public.>>

Well, that's just fine for you, but I didn't see anything wrong with it and
the actress didn't either. 

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Date:  97-10-27 19:00:04 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<So is ["The Magnificent Ferengi"] the action-oriented Ferengi episode Mr
Moore mentioned awhile back?>>


<<Being the widow of Gene, does Majel Barrett-Roddenberry have any input on
the direction the ST universe is going and has she any feelings about how
y'all are progressing so far?>>

Majel isn't involved with the series.  She is very involved in "Earth: Final
Conflict" which she executive produces and is based on a pilot script by

<<Ron, in Generations wasn't the Nexus supposed to let you experience events
you lived, not those you invent?  What is going on with Picard in the
Christmas sceen.  Is he Renee's uncle or his father?  Why didn't you spend
time with Soran and his Borg experience?>>

The notion was that the Nexus let you experience whatever you wished to
experience, whether a replay of an actual event or a fantasy like Picard's
X-mas scene.  He was still Rene's uncle.  We had discussed several sequences
dealing with Soran and the Borg in the Nexus, but we never could find
something we were happy with, so the whole notion was discarded.

<< the opening scene on Terok Nor [in "Behind the Lines"]... where Kira and
Rom are watching the fight break out...Was that scene originally written that
way? Or did the director have some input into it? It was great... Kira's
narration (read superbly by Nana... that could have been awful at the hands
of a less talented actress) and the viewers watching the scene with her  from
overhead....Did the original script have us hearing Quark and Damar talking,
or was it always set up the way it was shot?>>

This opening was completely scripted just as you saw it.

<<How old is Odo among his people? Is he still considered a child? Or an
adolescent? Or really really young?>>

This has not been determined.

<<Dear Ron, I just heard Alexander is the first gay klin.>>

This is not true.

<<I like to write my own Star Trek stories in my spare time.  They're
nothing fancy, but I enjoy doing it.  I was just wondering if you could offer
some advice for a very amature writer.  How long does it usually take you to
write a script for an episode?  Do you have an actual outline when you write,
or do you just sit down with one idea and see how things flow from there?
 I'm the type that sits down with one idea and just flys by the seat of my
pants.  Do you feel that an outline helps increase the effectiveness of
writing, or is it better to do both?  Have you ever totally scraped all of
what you've written so far and started over?  What do you do in cases of
"writers block"?  What do you find is the best way to conquer this "temperal

I find that making a detailed outline of the episode is vital before I sit
down and begin working on the teleplay.  The function of an outline (or "beat
sheet" as we call them) is to provide the writer with a blueprint of the
episode.  This allows you to concentrate on executing the scenes themselves
and getting the character voices right instead of worrying about what the
next act is going to be about or how this show will end, or where the hell is
this crazy story going anyway?  That doesn't mean that you're a slave to the
beat sheet.  I often find myself changing the outline as I go along, throwing
out some scenes, adding others, etc. but the beat sheet helps keep my eye on
the ball in terms of the overall story and structure.  

I throw out entire first drafts and start over all the time.  I just threw
out the first draft of "Waltz" because I knew it wasn't working and the
writing staff agreed.  The second draft was much stronger and more focused.
 Don't be afraid to go back and rewrite.  That's a huge part of the job in
writing for film & TV, so get used to it and try to use it to polish your

I can't afford writer's block.  When under the gun and something's gotta get
written, I'll write something, ANYTHING and then try to fix it later.

Subj:  Answers

Date:  97-10-27 19:10:59 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<We all now have a concern that since this a 6 episode story arc that all
the great stuff happening so far will be wrapped up too quickly...  After
looking at all the stuff already you think people will be saying
that?   That it was wrapped up too quickly...or will there be many open ends
for the rest of the year? Also, would you have prefered to do this continuous
stream of storytelling over the entire 26 episodes and not just the 6
episodes that you're doing?...that would be so great becaue I have never
enjoyed trek as much as I do right now.  >>

If it was up to me, I would've done the entire year as one long story arc,
but Paramount would go crazy.  But on a more positive note, the war storyline
won't end with the retaking of DS9.  We'll continue to deal with the war
(albeit in the background for a few episodes) throughout the rest of the

<<Without going in to details for those who might not be aware, is the
current storyline with Odo something that will be resolved over the course of
the next two episodes, or is this something that will have a large effect on
the character in the future as well?>>

While we'll wrap up the current story with Odo, the larger ramifications of
what's happened will continue to reverberate throughout the year.

<<When you assigned the directors for these first six episodes, was it based
strictly on rotation or were certain directors specifically chosen for
certain episodes.>>

It was a little of both.  We try to match directors to scripts whenever
possible, but sometimes the normal rotation works out just as well.

<<Are we in for a lot of smaller character-based episodes in the near
future, to pay for the first four episodes and what look like a hideously
expensive final two?>>

Not a lot of them, but yes, we'll be saving money through some smaller more
intimate shows after the initial six.

<<You say there's no "official word" about season 7.  What about unofficial?

No unofficial word either.  But the betting around here is that there will
be a year 7.

<<You say it's probably better to submit spec scripts to Voyager than DS9.
 I assume this is solely because of the incredibly long time it takes to get
one read.  (Even if you get 9 seasons, mine will still be at the bottom of
the slush pile when the series goes off the air!)  BTW, I sent mine in on
January 31, 1997.  Any reason to call Lolita yet?>>

I don't think you need to call yet.  There are still people waiting to hear
about scripts from 1996.

<<Are you going to tell us who Dukat "Waltz"es with, or do we just have to
wait?  (Why am I asking a question to which I know the answer?)  I hope it's
Sisko--they're soooo good together.>>

You're right.  It's the Captain.

<<Just wondering if you guys have plans to show Leeta anytime soon?>>

Leeta will be in "Favor the Bold" and "Sacrifice of Angels".   (I'm sure
that made Catbyte's day.)

<<Ron, any chance to see Worf's brother return to DS9?>>

There's a chance, but not in the near future.

<<Ron, is there a Trek character that you wish you could write a story
around, but is unavailable on DS9, (Janeway, McCoy, get the

Not at the moment.  Mirror Spock would've been cool though...

Subj:  Answers

Date:  97-10-28 18:14:15 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<Ron... my son just ran our tape of Trials and Tribs again... and I noticed
when the viewscreen came back on and the Defiant crew first saw the
enterprise... the viewscreen looked like an old TV coming on...Fuzz...
static...than a clear picture... was that intentional? >>

I think the VFX guys did give the effect a little bit of a TV screen quality
as a sly in-joke.

<<In one of the "mirror" episodes, we saw Tim Russ play a Vulcan.  I cant
remember, but was that Tuvok?  Was it just inferred, or was it him?  Any
plans to mesh crews like that again using the Mirror?>>

I think it was inferred that it was Tuvok, I don't think we said it
explicitly (I could be wrong about this, I don't recall).  We don't have any
plans to mesh the crews like this again, but you never know.

<<Is there any plans for the Breen to make some appearance  into the ST
world?  Perhaps a reference maybe?  >>

I think there are some references coming up, but no big Breen shows are
planned yet.

<<Does the Defiant have a holodeck or a holosuite?>>


<<Any plans to see Martok's son from "Way of the Warrior"??  >>

No.  But we will be seeing someone else from Martok's family in "You are
Cordially Invited..."

<< IMO the ideal would be:

Show opens to the bridge of the defiant.

Dax, chatting with sisko: Yeah, worf and I are getting married.

Sisko: Thats great dax. You two make such a cute couple.

Obrien: Captain! Theres an anomalous anomoly emmitting particly particles. 

Sisko: Scan it.

etc, etc.

Natural conversation, but we catch only the end of it. Therefore, I(and many
other viewers) arent bored out of our skulls, we are informed that dax and
worf are getting married in a natural fashion, and we have more time for
spacial anomolies that pose cool moral dilemma's and such.>>

There's nothing wrong with what you're suggesting, but I much prefer our way
of doing things.  To me, the best thing about DS9 is that it's really about
the characters.  It's a drama about people set against a science fiction
backdrop, not the other way around.  That's not to say that it's everyone's
cup of tea -- it's not -- but it's what interests me as a writer.  

<<I've seen Michael Dorn in person several times, and he's no shrinking
violet, but it wouldnt' surprise me that the guys get padded shoulders. But
really, Ron, do you honestly equate turning an A or B cup woman into a huge D
cup woman with padding a guy's shoulders?  >>

I thought the subject was the alleged sexism involved in our costuming and
how we deliberately enhance the sexual characteristics of women and not men.
  I think a case can be made that bulking up men to look stronger and more
physically powerful is indeed enhancing their secondary sexual
characteristics.   You should also note that we've never shied away from
showing off the bodies of men who were fit and sexy, whether regulars or
guest stars.  And come on -- Dax and Kira have not been taken from A to D.

<<Ron you said no one would get promotions but for Sisko, but how many wars
will this now make O'Brien in and how many times will he have been
decorated?????  Also, can you clear up how he went from a Lt. to a Chief
Operations officer on DS9 I think everyone who goes to O'Brien(Colms) message
board have always have a problem with how that came about????  You would
think by now he would deserve some kind of promotion?>>

O'Brien has presumably been decorated many times.  His "demotion" from Lt.
to Chief actually occured back on TNG.  O'Brien had been called Chief so many
times on TNG that it seemed only natural that he really was a Chief Petty
Officer, regardless of what wardrobe may or may not have put on his collar up
to that time.  It also gave us something new to play -- the noncom.

Subj:  Answers

Date:  97-10-28 18:36:30 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<< <Kira was the single most interesting and strongest woman in the history
of Star Trek.  They took most of that away with THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR<

What happened in WOTW? Was it worf existing, or him doing better in a fight
using klingon weapons?>>

This has always mystified me as well.  The central objection seems to be the
way that Kira was introduced to Worf (in a silly holosuite outfit), but other
than that.......????

<<My husband told me to post this <G>. He said that you'd know what he was
talking about.

     "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.">>

I believe your husband is a Blade Runner fan.

<<Now I know Sons and Daughters is over...and as far as I know(having missed
it), Molly wasn't in it.  So will there be another episode I can look forward
to seeing her in, or seeing her future hinted at?  She's a great little

We haven't brought Keiko and Molly back to the station yet, but we will
before this year is over.

<<Ron, is there any chance we could see that Ferengi female who escaped from
her planet, and what she is doing now? >>

It's possible, but we don't have anything planned.

<<Catbyte, what you are saying is not the problem. I rarely if ever agree
with your opinions, but I have to give you a lot of credit for being coherent
and reasonable about them. I have a lot of respect for your opinions because
I can tell how much you mean what you say. 

   The problem, it seems to me, is the tactics. It seems like lately you've
adopted the methods of another poster with a strong agenda of their own: beat
them over the head with your opinion long enough and eventually they'll give
in to what you want and beg forgiveness. >>

To be honest, I don't have any problem with Catbyte's blunt language or her
dogged defense of her position.  She's entitled to take me to task for the
problems she sees in the show and the way we portray the characters.  I
disagree with a lot of the things she says, but I have a lot of respect for
the principles she defends and her refusal to be cowed.  She's a valued part
of this little group and even though many of her postings make me want to
find out just how seriously BirdofPrey takes the rules against profanity, I'm
glad she's around.

<<I'm curious as to what you think of the different uniforms that Starfleet
has employed over the years. The TOS and (to a lesser extent) TNG uniforms
had a lot of color to them and made those shows very visually striking. The
new DS9/ FC uniforms seem to perfectly fit the (very often) tense tone of the
show. But those pre-FC uniforms (currently used by Voyager)? Kinda bland, no?
Was this something that was taken into account when costuming FC?>>

I think my favorite uniforms were the Trek II -- VI duds.  The old DS9
costumes were good, but we were very limited in what we could do with them.
 The big plus with the FC uniforms is the ability to actually take off the
jackets, wear the vests, unzip the shirts, roll up the sleeves, etc.  This
functionality helps shows like "Rocks and Shoals" immensely.

<<as a fan of Trek, do you ever sometimes wish you could just sit back, and
be surprised by the series or episodes, instead of knowing ahead of time
where it's going.  How do you maintain your interest as a fan?>>

I do sometimes wish I could just sit back and enjoy it from a distance, but
being in the thick of it is MUCH more rewarding.  Believe me, I wouldn't
trade places for a minute.

Subj:  Answers

Date:  97-10-28 18:56:11 EST

From:  RonDMoore       

<<How far in advance did the staff have "the basics" of "Call to Arms"
worked out?  That is, did you guys know, even during "Rapture," that we'd
lose the station and that Bajor would sign a non-aggression pact to keep them
out of the fighting, or did you just make-up Sisko's prophecies and then
later create something to fufil them?>>

We had been discussing the possibility of doing a major war with the
Dominion for quite some time, so it was definitely something we were
conscious of during the development of "Rapture."  But we didn't know for
sure that we would be able to end the season with the war or that we'd be
able to do it at all, so in the back of our minds we had to keep open the
possibility that the prophecies might have to mean something else one day.

<<How long is the war going to last beyond ep.6>>

We're not sure when it will end, but it will definitely continue for well
over half the season.

<<In recent episodes, sparks aren't so fatal.  Why?>>

I think you missed episode 27 from last season:  "Sparks Fly" -- Dax and
Worf spend an entire episode in bed, breaking bones and smashing consoles.
 During Act Three, Dax accidently hits a phase-discriminator coil with her
elbow and sends a double-back-tachyon-flip-with-a-half-pike surge through the
station's ODNMSG circuitry and cripples the station.  Sparks start cascading
from power relays all over the place, but when O'Brien tries to get power
back on-line, he discovers that the sparks are actually sentient lifeforms
who are just trying to communicate with us.  Do we have the right to use
these sparks as part of our power grid?  Will Sisko use the sparks as slaves?
 Sisko does a lot of soul-searching before the Sp'Arhks (as they call
themselves) decide that they do not belong in our world, but prefer the life
of freedom and ecstasy they experience with the walls of the station.
 O'Brien shoves the little buggers back into the power grid, but (techs) the
(tech) in such a way that our normal power requirements will no longer harm
the Sp'Arhks, who are now our friends.  In return, the Sp'Arhks have sworn to
be careful when they come bursting out of an exploding console so as not to
harm our people.  (The B-story had to do with Odo morphing into several pairs
of stilleto heeled shoes for Kira as a way of courting her, but I think we've
beat that subject to death on these boards already...)
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