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Mega Bloks, Inc. is a Canadian toy manufacturer which specializes in the production of construction toys similar to LEGO and Kre-O products and is headquartered in Montréal, Québec.

Its parent company, Mega Brands, Inc., was acquired by toy giant Mattel in 2014.[1]

Association with Star TrekEdit

In 2004, the company's Star Trek licensing agreement resulted in the production and release of one starship construction set.

It acquired new licensing in 2015 and it displayed promotional images of three upcoming sets for the first time.[2] More promotional material was released in early 2016.



Starship kitEdit

The starship model included a stand and a Captain Picard mini-figure with its own display base and type 2 phaser. The assembed starship measured 36 × 27 × 10 cm and was built from 945 pieces.


Three new sets were released in early 2016 and more are slated for release by the autumn of 2016. Twelve mini-figures were also previewed at conventions.[3]

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