Meg was a colonist who had traveled aboard the SS Santa Maria and who died in 2370.

Meg was bitten by one of the native insects on the colony world. The colonists tried to heal her using various combinations of indigenous plants. This didn't work, and Alixus told Sisko that three colonists had already died from similar bites. Fearing Meg would die before a rescue team arrived and lacking faith in the colonists' ability to find a cure, Sisko and O'Brien discussed ways by which to contact the runabout, which likely had a cure in its medkit. Alixus told them to search for a root or fungus in the forest, and when Sisko argued with her, she refused to help or aid in the attempt to contact the runabout.

Meg eventually died from the bite, enraging Sisko. Alixus used Meg's death as an excuse to punish Sisko, stating that Meg was proud of what the community had accomplished, and that Sisko's interference was an insult to Meg. Later, Alixus and her son Vinod were placed under custody by Sisko, so that they could answer for the death of Meg and the others. (DS9: "Paradise")

Meg was played by extra Lisa Madigan in an uncredited role.