A medical assistant was a medical position that required a basic level of medical knowledge, less than a nurse but more than an orderly, whose primary role was in assisting a doctor.

Surmak Ren was a Bajoran medical assistant who witnessed and signed the Certificate of Death of Dekon Elig. (DS9: "Babel")

In 2371, USS Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram got permission from Captain Kathryn Janeway to begin training Kes as his medical assistant. Initially he felt she would be "a backup for Mr. Paris or, possibly, a replacement." (VOY: "Phage") Paris, himself, was described as the ship's field medic. (VOY: "Parallax", "Friendship One")

Several years later, Tom Paris made his own interpretation of the fictional holonovel Photons Be Free, where the role was that of "a Medical Assistant aboard the Starship Voyeur." In the role, the medical assistant's job was "to assist the Chief Medical Officer and learn to tolerate his overbearing behavior and obnoxious bedside manner." (VOY: "Author, Author")

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