For the awards nominated and received by Star Trek, please see Star Trek's awards and honors.

The following is a list of decorations, medals, ribbons and other awards of merit.

Following a bouncy landing on an asteroid with Shuttlepod 2, Travis Mayweather expressed his hope that Commander Tucker wouldn't add it to his log but Tucker just answered, jokingly, that he would recommend him for a medal. (ENT: "Impulse")

Old Earth Edit


An Air Police Sergeant of the United States Air Force, wearing several award ribbons on his uniform

Vulcan Edit

United Federation of Planets Edit

Starfleet Edit

James Kirk, dress uniform

James T. Kirk in the 2260s displaying a variety of Starfleet awards

Klingon awards and commendations Edit

Cardassian awards and commendations Edit

Romulan awards Edit

Other honors Edit


The Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

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