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Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)
For the prime universe counterpart, please see Maxwell Forrest.

Maximilian Forrest was a captain and the commanding officer of the ISS Enterprise. Unlike their counterparts in the prime universe, Maximilian and his first officer, Commander Jonathan Archer, had an adversarial relationship. Forrest had taken Enterprise communications officer Hoshi Sato as his mistress.

Although more harsh and stern than his counterpart in our universe, relatively speaking Forrest seemed to honestly care about the overall well-being of his ship and crew, and was legitimately concerned when a Terran Empire task force was destroyed fighting rebels at Tau Ceti.

In 2155, Commander Archer mutinied against Forrest, and threw him into the brig. Forrest later expressed surprise at this action, claiming that he chose Archer as his first officer because he thought the commander had no ambition.

Forrest, who had allies of his own on board Enterprise, retook command of the ship and put Archer in the agony booth for over ten hours. Forrest later discovered that Archer had taken the ship into Tholian space and could not unlock the controls. Fleet Admiral Gardner learned of Archer's mutiny and his ambitious plans, and felt that Archer's mission may have had some validity. At an officer's briefing, Archer revealed that he had learned that the Tholians had obtained a Starfleet vessel from a parallel universe and a century in the future. Archer made an impassioned argument that the technology of this future ship could be used by the Empire to help crush the rebellion. Unable to override the controls, and swayed somewhat by Archer's arguments, Forrest reluctantly carried out the mission. However, he made it clear to Archer that his act of betrayal would not be forgiven or forgotten.

Mirror Enterprise destroyed

Enterprise is destroyed

When sending an away team led by Archer to the ship, Forrest ordered Commander T'Pol to do what she could to make sure that Archer did not come back alive. During the mission, however, Enterprise was attacked by the Tholians. Shortly thereafter, Forrest was killed in a Tholian attack, choosing to remain aboard Enterprise to buy time for the rest of the crew to evacuate the ship in the escape pods. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

Like his counterpart, Maximilian Forrest was portrayed by Star Trek veteran Vaughn Armstrong, and is to date, his most recent on-screen appearance. The mirror universe Forrest's name comes from the episode's script; in the episode he was only referred to as "Captain Forrest".

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