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Maury Ginsberg aboard USS Voyager (2372)

Maury Ginsberg was a spotlight operator at the famous Woodstock music festival in New York on Earth in 1969. He hitched a lift to the concert and noticed a disconnected cable that could have ruined the concert. He was not aware that the man who drove him there was the member of the Q Continuum later known as Quinn.

Following the concert, Ginsberg would go on to meet his future wife, a "groovy chick with [the] long red beads" that was in the backseat of Quinn's jeep. He would then go on to become a successful orthodontist, settle in Scarsdale, and have four children.

Ginsberg was brought aboard the USS Voyager by Q in 2372 along with Sir Isaac Newton and Commander William T. Riker to provide evidence of Quinn's influence on history. He was returned shortly afterwards with no memory of this. (VOY: "Death Wish")

The character had a different name in an early draft, but after actor Maury Ginsberg was cast, the episode's writers, Shawn and Michael Piller, decided to go ahead and use his name for the character. (Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd ed., p. 173)

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