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Matthew Cannon Hanson is a former actor who appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. For the episode "Relativity", Hanson filmed his scenes on Friday 26 February 1999 on Paramount Stage 16 and had a makeup call at 6am and a set call at 8am. The call sheet listed him as "Timeship Alien".

Hailing from Rockville, Maryland, Hanson is the founder of the premier designer and manufacturer of snow-sport bicycle conversion kits, Alpine Skibikes, Inc., formerly known as Winter-X-Bike, Inc. He founded the company in Los Angeles in 2001. [1]

As an actor, Hanson worked between 1998 and 2001 and 2008 and 2009. Other featured parts include the role of Agent McWood in The Pretender episode "Flesh & Blood" (1998, with Leigh Taylor-Young and Andrew J. Robinson) where his line of dialogue was later dubbed in post-production, as a potential date for Calista Flockhart's character in the Ally McBeal episode "I Know Him by Heart" (1999, with Renee Goldsberry and Christopher Neiman), Nathaniel the smoking ad model in the Mad Men episode "Wee Small Hour" (2009, with Deborah Lacey and Arne Starr), and Wysnewski in the How I Met Your Mother episode "Sorry, Bro" (2010).

Film work includes The Dating Game (1998) and the television drama A Change of Heart (1998). In 2007, Hanson worked as Production Assistant and on-set snowboard trainer on the action/sport film White Air on which he also appeared as an announcer.

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