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Seven as a frightened child

Seven as Maryl

Maryl was a young Human girl who was assimilated by the Borg. Maryl grew up with twelve brothers, nine older, three younger, one of whom she thought studied too much. They often played Kadis-kot together.

In 2375, when the USS Voyager encountered a Borg vinculum, Seven of Nine began assuming personalities of those whom she had assimilated, including Maryl. While taking on the identity of Maryl, Seven played Kadis-kot with Naomi Wildman and behaved like a young child.

Later, after attacking B'Elanna Torres while being the son of K'Vok, Seven once again reverted to a frightened Maryl, asking Tuvok for help with Torres and inquiring whether she did something wrong. After giving him her phaser, she became Subaltern Lorot.

Later, as Maryl, Seven cried about being lost while undergoing a mind meld with Tuvok to stabilize her neural pattern. Tuvok saw Maryl crying for her mommy, calling the Borg "scary". (VOY: "Infinite Regress")

Maryl was played by actress Erica Mer.

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