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Mary Chieffo is the actress who will portray L'Rell, the battle deck commander of a Klingon ship in Star Trek: Discovery.

The daughter of actors Michael Chieffo and Beth Grant, Chieffo appeared as a little girl in the short Making Sandwiches (1998) directed by Sandra Bullock. She attended the Drama Division of Juilliard School, where she was in the same class as Mary Wiseman and graduated with a BFA in 2015.

She appeared in a theater production of Othello and also in movies like Natural Disasters (2008), Herpes Boy (2009), Girls! Girls! Girls! (2011), Miss Dial (2013), and Shelby's Vacation (2017). She also appeared in the short movies Odyssea (2013) and The Perfect Fit (2012) and the TV movie Jack and Janet Save the Planet (2009).

Chieffo is describing herself as a Shakespeare Lover, Feminist and Geek.

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