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Beetles on viewscreen

Fossil remains of two types of Martian insects

Beetle on viewscreen

Another image of a fossil remain

The Martian insects were forms of life that once existed on the planet Mars in the Sol system.

In 2364, images of the fossil remains were viewed by the Tkon Empire Portal 63 as it read through the entire database of the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "The Last Outpost")

Later that year, the same images were seen by Lore, as he was using the library computer of the Enterprise-D to learn more of the vessel and its customs. (TNG: "Datalore")

Background information Edit

The fossils of these two types of martian insects were seen on library computer viewscreens in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation without any description. The okudagram images were taken from the Spaceflight Chronology. In the book, the insect remains were described as silicon-based lifeforms about three centimeters long. Their age was silicon isotope dated to be several million years. The fossils were discovered after they were uncovered by a sandstorm in the year 2021. This date of discovery of a silicon-based lifeform would contradict the fact that silicon-based life was considered only a theoretical possibility until 2267, as established in TOS: "The Devil in the Dark".

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