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Sovereign Marouk was the leader of the Acamarians on Acamar III during the late 24th century.

The Acamarians suffered through one hundred years of war between rival clans. In 2366, Marouk met with Brull, a leader of the Gatherers, the last renegade clan from Acamar III, in an effort to complete the re-integration of Acamarian society.

Brull took Marouk to meet with Chorgan, the supreme leader of the Gatherers. Unknown to Marouk her servant and food taster Yuta planned to kill Chorgan in revenge for the Gatherers' murder of her clan over a century prior. Yuta was killed by Commander Riker before she could kill Chorgan. Eventually both Marouk and Chorgan were able to agree on a peace that would bring the Gatherers back into the Acamarian fold. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")

Marouk was played by Nancy Parsons.
Her sash was reused in the episode "Qpid", worn by actor John Copage as a member of the Federation Archaeology Council.

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