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Enterprise image from SotL 2018 Calendar

Mark Myers is a professional model and prop builder with over forty years' experience providing custom build ups for clients all over the world. A life long Star Trek fan, Myers was contacted by Doug Drexler and asked to provide an image of his 1/350 Enterprise build for the 2018 Ships of the Line calendar.

Myers' work is featured in the following publications:

  • Hobby Merchandiser, September 2008 (1/25 Moebius Space Pod build)
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeler, Vol. 24 (1/35 Jupiter 2 build)
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeler, Vol. 28 (1/48 Proteus build)
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeler, Vol. 34 (1/48 Icarus builds)
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeler, Vol. 40 (Moebius 1/350 Derelict build)
  • Finescale Modeler, March 2013 (1/72 Millennium Falcon in readers gallery)
  • Finescale Modeler, July 2015 (1/350 Enterprise build in readers gallery)
  • Amazing Figure Modeler #57 (Polar Lights C-57D build)
  • Amazing Figure Modeler #63 (Moebius 1/6 B9 Robot build)
  • Myers' 1/350 TOS build that is featured in the 2018 Ships of the Line Calendar was also one of the 12 Star Trek Contest winners of Fine Scale Modeler March 2017 Issue.

Myers' Moebius 1/35 Jupiter 2 is on the actual kit box, lighting kit box, and instruction sheet for the lighting kit (mini poster). His Moebius 1/350 Derelict build is on the actual kit box as well as promotional material.

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