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Mark D. Karen is a camera operator who worked on several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. He received no screen credit for his work but is listed on the call sheets of the episodes.

Karen worked as camera operator or assistant camera operator on the comedy Moving Violations (1985, with Bruce Byall and Krishna Rao), the horror film Critters (1986), the drama Slow Burn (1986), the fantasy comedy Mannequin (1987), the comedy Hollywood Shuffle (1987), the horror film Scarecrows (1988), the comedy Feds (1988), the action drama Split Decisions (1988), the television comedy The Cover Girls and the Cop (1989), the television drama She Knows Too Much (1989), the fantasy comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989, with William D. Barber), the television drama The Revenge of Al Capone (1989, with David E. Elkins), the drama Field of Dreams (1989), the thriller Punk Vacation (1990), the music drama Graffiti Bridge (1990), the sport drama Talent for the Game (1991, with Richard Craig Meinardus), the short drama Nonnie & Alex (1995), the drama Illegal in Blue (1995), the drama The Grass Harp (1995), and the comedy I Got the Hook Up (1998).

In addition, he worked as additional photographer on the crime comedy Men at Work (1990, with Wayne Baker and Pete Romano), as cinematographer on the short films Nonnie & Alex (1995), Crazy World (1996), The List (1998), and Children of the Struggle (1999, with Brian Dzyak), and as director of photography on the LAX Unit for the action film Rapid Exchange (2003, with Brian Dzyak).

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