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STID IMAX promotional poster

Englert's lithiograph for Star Trek Into Darkness

STID IMAX promotional poster variant

The variant version

Mark Englert (born 1979) is an artist who specializes in poster art.

In 2013, he was approached to do a limited edition poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. this poster was produced as a 12"×36" lithograph and given out to IMAX viewers at the 15 May 2013 early viewings, [1] and a variant version (darkened colors, more blue tones) to limited patrons at the 24 May 2013 IMAX showings. [2] The poster even features a glow-in-the-dark portion showing the USS Vengeance and two small specks (Kirk and Khan) hurtling through space. [3]

Englert claims that the first movie he ever saw was Star Trek: The Motion Picture on its opening day, though he admits to having slept through it all.

In addition to his Star Trek work, he has also done poster art for Star Wars, the Alien franchise, The Simpsons, Disney, and a number of companies for product tie-ins, including Barbasol and Jurassic World.

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