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Crewman at transporter bay in 2151 a crewmember

Mario Carter is an actor who appeared as an Enterprise crewmember in the two Star Trek: Enterprise first season episodes "Broken Bow" and "Fight or Flight". As a background actor he received no credit for these appearances and was identified by the call sheets for the episodes. Carter was also on set for test shots prior to the regular filming on 5 May 2001.

Carter had featured parts in the crime thriller The General's Daughter (1999, with James Cromwell, Clarence Williams III, and Pablo Espinosa), the comedy Full Frontal (2002, with Joe Chrest, Wayne Péré, and Patrick Fischler), the comedy Breakin' All the Rules (2004, starring Gabrielle Union), and the romantic comedy Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009, with Vanessa Williams and Cole McKay).

Television roles include supporting roles in G vs. E (starring Clayton Rohner and Googy Gress), 24, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Kings (2009, starring Susanna Thompson).

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