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Mareeza was a female of Kelemane's species, who was the "roommate" of The Doctor for a period during the three years that he was on Kelemane's planet collecting information.

Because of a space-time displacement, nearly a day would pass on the surface of the planet for each second in normal time. The Doctor had originally only planned to be on the surface for three days, but because of a transporter malfunction, he was on the planet for a little over three years during the approximately twenty minutes of normal time that it took for the USS Voyager crew to fix the problem.

Mareeza also composed an aria about the Sky Ship. The Doctor sang the lyric. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")

Mareeza is most likely the mother of Jason Tebreeze, whom The Doctor referred to as his son. However, it is unclear if she was Jason's biological mother or if he was adopted. It is also likely that she lived with The Doctor in Doric's building.

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