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Manual steering column, Kelvin type

The manual steering column in the command chair aboard the Kelvin-type USS Kelvin in 2233

The manual steering column was a helm control option aboard some spacecraft that resembled a joystick. It was capable of providing fine piloting control in situations where the normal helm controls were not precise enough.

NX-class starships employed manual steering columns for performing exacting maneuvers. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice", "Minefield", "Singularity", "The Expanse")

In 2233, Kelvin-type starships had a manual steering column in the right armrest of the command chair. (Star Trek)

In the alternate reality, Constitution-type escape pods were equipped with at least one manual steering column. (Star Trek)

The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E had a manual steering column that allowed the conn to manually control helm functions if the need arose. Commander Riker utilized the column when performing precise maneuvers inside the Briar Patch to collect metreon gas with the ship's ramscoops and subsequently release it in the vicinity of two Son'a battle cruisers. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

The Delta Flyer II used two manual steering columns in her helm configuration, which completely replaced the old LCARS controls that had been used on the original Delta Flyer. (VOY: "Drive")



In the novelization of Star Trek, Sulu used the manual steering column to fly the USS Enterprise during the Battle of Earth, whereas he commands the ship from the helm in the film.

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