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Manua Apgar was a Tanugan and the wife of Dr. Nel Apgar.

She became infatuated with Commander Riker and flirted with him. After her husband was killed in a mysterious explosion, she claimed in her deposition that Riker had killed him, because he had caught Riker assaulting her. Manua believed that Riker tried to take advantage of her sexually, and that he killed her husband, because Dr. Apgar threatened to file a complaint. Her perspective of the events leading up to her husband's death were programmed into the holodeck, under the name Manua Simulation One, which recreated the seduction and the fatal explosion, according to her perspective. Riker contended that Mauna tried to seduce him and that he turned her away. Dr. Apgar walked in on them and misunderstood what was going on. It was later proven that Apgar had accidentally killed himself in an attempt to kill Riker. The attempt at murder was not because Apgar was jealous, but because he was worried that Riker discovered that he was creating a weapon. (TNG: "A Matter of Perspective")

Manua Apgar was played by actress Gina Hecht.
According to the script, her name was pronounced as "MAN-you-ah AP-garr". [1]

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