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Malurian system

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The Malurian system was a planetary system. This system had at least four planets. One of these planets was the homeworld for the Malurians, a warp capable humanoid species. Other planets in the system were colonized by the Malurians. In the last census, four billion Malurians were counted in the system. (ENT: "Civilization"; TOS: "The Changeling")

Prior to stardate 3541, the Federation had sent a science team, led by Doctor Manway, to the system. This team had a special transmitter for emergency situations.

In 2267, a distress call was sent from this system by the Malurians. The closest starship to this system, the USS Enterprise, responded to the call. It was determined, by the Enterprise, that the Malurians and Dr. Manway's team had been destroyed by the probe Nomad. (TOS: "The Changeling")

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