The Malachowski-class was a type of 23rd century Federation starship that was in service during the 2250s.

A ship of this class, the USS Clarke, participated in Battle of the Binary Stars with the Klingons in 2256. The Clarke was destroyed early in the battle. (DIS: "Battle at the Binary Stars")

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USS Clarke Concept Art

Eaves' concept art

The Malachowski-class was identified via the Clarke by designer John Eaves. [1] Eaves also named the class, which was later confirmed [2] after being revealed on

In the article "DISCOVERY's 'Battle of the Binary Stars' Armada Identified" by Ken Reilly at TrekCore, this class was "Named after US Air Force pilot Nicole Malachowski, the first female member of the famed Thunderbirds acrobatic flying team." [3]