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Ensign Andreas Nikolas, heartsick over the loss of his Mirror Universe lover, has resigned his post on Jean-Luc Picard's starship, the Stargazer, to seek a home on the freighter Iktoj'ni.
All he wants of his new life is a chance to forget his troubles. And that's what he gets – until the Iktoj'ni is taken over by a monstrous alien with unbelievable powers and a disdain for all forms of life.
Without saying why, the alien sends the freighter hurtling toward a part of space inhabited by the Ubarrak, the Federation's deadliest and most xenophobic enemy. And Nikolas, who fears that the incident will start a war, can't convince his captor to turn back.
Picard's only hope of stopping the alien menace is Serenity Santana – a woman who once abused his trust in the name of her people's survival. Now she's back, asking for the captain's trust a second time.
Picard desperately needs Santana's help in his struggle to save his galaxy. But will she justify his faith in her – or once again twist it to serve her own shadowy ends?

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He had read stories of seemingly magical beings in the logs of the early starship captains – a teenager who had been brought up by powerful aliens, a mysterious humanoid named Trelane, even the ancient Greek god Apollo. But no one like them had turned up in the last fifty years, and there was speculation that they had never really existed in the first place.

This is an homage to Star Trek: The Original Series.

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Jean-Luc Picard 
Captain of the USS Stargazer
Gilaad Ben Zoma 
XO of Stargazer.
Andreas Nikolas
Serenity Santana

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USS Stargazer
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