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Makara herb

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Makara herbs

Fresh makara herbs

The makara herb is a native plant of Bajor, a herb known for its medicinal value. It is typically used in Bajoran women to increase their progesterone during pregnancy. It is also known to act as a counter agent to various sedatives, including merfadon. (DS9: "The Darkness and the Light")

Doctor Julian Bashir prescribed makara herbs for Major Kira Nerys during her pregnancy in 2372 and 2373, to help with swollen ankles while she was carrying Miles and Keiko O'Brien's baby. She likened the taste to "something that crawled out of Quark's ear." (DS9: "Body Parts")

In 2373, Furel and Lupaza brought Kira fresh makara herbs, picked the previous night on Bajor. (DS9: "The Darkness and the Light")

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