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A maintenance request form was a type of document.

Aboard Enterprise NX-01 in early 2154, Ensign Hoshi Sato recovered a file from the data banks of a Xindi-Aquatic escape pod. The document appeared to be a maintenance request form. However, upon closer examination, it was determined this wasn't the case. The file seemed to be from an engineer asking for additional parts from his supervisors, but the names of the supervisors were actually the names of Degra's children: Piral, Jaina, and Trenia. Furthermore, the document contained a set of coordinates for a rendezvous point where Degra wanted to meet Enterprise's commanding officer, Captain Archer. After Sato gave him a translation of the document on a PADD, Archer and Sub-Commander T'Pol realized these facts. (ENT: "Damage")

The name "maintenance request form" comes from a line of dialogue in the final draft script of "Damage" which is not entirely spoken on screen. Specifically, Ensign Sato told Captain Archer, "I did find one document... it appears to be some kind of maintenance request form."

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