Spock sings Maiden Wine

Spock sings "Maiden Wine"

"Maiden Wine" was the song sung by Spock while he was being manipulated by the Platonians in 2268. (TOS: "Plato's Stepchildren")

Lyrics Edit

Take care, young ladies, and value your wine.
Be watchful of young men in their velvet prime.
Deeply they'll swallow from your finest kegs,
Then swiftly be gone, leaving bitter dregs.
Ahh-ah-ah-ah, bitter dregs.
With smiling words and tender touch,
Man offers little and asks for so much.
He loves in the breathless excitement of night,
Then leaves with your treasure in cold morning light.
Ahh-ah-ah-ah, in cold morning light.
The song was written by Leonard Nimoy himself. (Star Trek: The Original Series 365, p. 307) The full version with musical arrangement and a second verse appears on the 1969 DOT LP, "The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy".

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