Magh's battle cruiser was a Klingon D5-class battle cruiser that was in service of the Klingon Imperial Fleet in the 2150s, under the command of Captain Magh.

In May of 2154 the battle cruiser, intercepted the Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise NX-01, which had entered Klingon territory while attempting to stop a group of Human augments, which were preparing to start a war between Earth and the Klingon Empire by contaminating a Klingon colony with pathogens stolen from Cold Station 12. The cruiser fired on Enterprise, as Magh did not believe their explanations, and threatened to destroy them if they did not surrender.

As Enterprise could not outrun or outfight the cruiser, they instead dropped out of warp, and fired their grappler at the cruiser's port nacelle. The shearing stress caused severe damage to the cruiser's nacelle, preventing the ship from generating a warp field, and rendering it unable to pursue Enterprise. (ENT: "The Augments")

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